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Listed below is information on current weekly trails. After the trail's setting date it is generally maintained for a period of one week (check below to see if there is a latest refresh date).


During June 2021 relaxations to Covid19 legislation made it possible for conventional hashing to recommence, and hence Foofaah trails were suspended in favour of runs set by Aberdeen Hash House Harriers. However, it is likely that occasional FOOFAAH4 events will still be arranged.


Many thanks to all hares and hounds who have been part of FOOFAAH4 during it's active period!



Trail #54: Sat 28th May 2022

Near Craigiedarg, Dunecht : hared by JC


The OnOn for this, the 2nd Anniversary trail for FOOFAAH4, is at OS map reference NJ765085, which is 11 miles from central Aberdeen (see GoogleMaps https://goo.gl/maps/hMTB3Jmbd4G43WRR8 or What3words https://w3w.co/unloads.stupidly.commit).


Heading West from Elrick on the A944 pass the Tower Lodges and boathouse at Loch of Skene on your left. After 0.9 mile turn left onto an unclassified road signed for Scotstown. After a further third of a mile ignore the road closed signs (move one aside if necessary in order to access the roadway beyond – don’t replace it afterwards) and proceed about 200m beyond. Park on the verge before you reach the sharp right hand bend by a gated track (do not impede access to adjacent fields).


To find oodles of flour follow the road around the aforementioned bend, heading towards the weak bridge over the Corskie Burn (which is the reason for the road closure). The trail was last refreshed on Friday 3rd June.


If necessary the hare may be contacted on 07717-302050.




  • Designed for individuals or small clusters the trail is marked with daubs of flour, at intervals of about 40 paces (+/- 50%) where possible, sometimes supplemented with lengths of paper ribbon tied to shrubs or whatever.


  • Checks are identified by a round(ish) circle (generally at ground level) and offer the possibility of proceeding along a choice of routes. Where possible the location of a check will be emphasised by three vertically stacked spots of flour placed above ground level.


  • Resumption of daubs of flour within about 100 paces (+/- 25%) will serve to confirm the correct route choice - if you are on flour you are on trail. Checks should be left unmarked so as to preserve the challenge for Following FooFers (FFFs).


  • The absence of a real-time hare places greater emphasis on paying close attention to the presence (or otherwise) of daubs of flour, retracing steps where applicable, and keeping a sharp look-out for checks, or possible deviations onto other pathways. Dreich conditions can sometimes wipe out markings - however, hares are generally happy to offer assistance if contactable by phone. Because of the lessened ability to benefit from teamwork, the trail is significantly shorter and the markings more conspicuous than in a conventional Hash, and the checks easier to break.


  • As a courtesy for the hare’s efforts and also for your exertions to be officially recorded, hounds should make the hare aware of their having done the trail.







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