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The problem with BT Yahoo

by Mark Nolan - 10:17 on 07 July 2013

If you have the misfortune to be using yahoo or btinternet email, for goodness sake change your password now while you still can. Same applies to Yahoo Groups (including Freecycle) and any other Yahoo service like Flickr. The problem is, the whole service was compromised a few months ago, but no-one wanted to admit the size of the problem.

I was amazed when BT, a long established and supposedly trustworthy UK company, decided to outsource their email to Yahoo, a relatively new US company with no long term track record. Now the chickens are coming home to roost. BT have decided to move all their customers off Yahoo to a different email provider. This process alone will cause a world of pain unless managed competently. Judging by their performance until now, what are the chances of that?

There are effectively only three professional free email providers; Yahoo, Hotmail (now called Outlook) and Google's Gmail. Hotmail has improved recently, but it is still not as efficient and flexible as Gmail. Despite any reservations about Google's privacy policies, they at least provide services which are designed to work competently for us first, rather than giving priority to their own agendas like Microsoft and Yahoo.

If you are still using a legacy email address from 10 years ago, do yourself a favour and upgrade to gmail now. It's not as difficult as you think, and the sooner you make the break, the sooner it will be completed. You'll thank me later.

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