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Don't switch it off!

by Mark Nolan - 10:13 on 27 November 2008

"Hi my computer's not working."

"Ok, what does it say on the screen?"

"Nothing, it's off at the moment."

"They don't work when they're switched off."

"Hang on."

Dum dee dum. "Why did you turn it off in the first place? That's when they break down. Leave them on all the time and they don't get a chance to get sick. Haven't you noticed they only go wrong when they're stopping or starting?"

"Well I'm using 'Hibernate' to save power."

"Christ that's even worse, you're putting it into an induced coma, you could be done for cruelty to a defenceless digital device. Never use hibernate, turn it off properly or leave it on all the time. Unless it hangs up, in which case turn it off and back on again is the only thing you can do. Hibernation is even more fatal to laptops 'cause you're fighting the battery as well, only way to kill that and bring it back up again is hold the Off button down for a long time. Or yank the battery out. What's that? You want to save power? Use digital offset; having the machine on full time warms your house, gives you instant continuous net access for a year and saves callout charges. You can offset that by not driving your car for one day a week/month/year (delete as applicable to latest government figures).

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