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Welcome to EnglishABC

Why do you want to learn English? Unsure?

Well, there are some possible ideas here!

For anyone learning English, try these sites on the 'LEARNER ENGLISH' page. There are many FREE web resources on the Internet - these are just some of the best!

For teachers, a range of sites I have used and have found useful at 'TEACHING RESOURCES & LINKS'  New! Uploaded resources from my KS3 & KS4 English lessons at a school in Oxford -available here!

Have fun whilst learning!

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How good is your grammar?  Try this Plain English test now!

For serious learners, try this school-based language level test.

For younger learners try this BBC Bitesize English game site

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This slot is given over to video clips presenting English in an original or amusing way. 

British Culture - a presentation for Chinese students

Shakespeare is well-known, but why do we still study his plays? Perhaps one answer is here...

I used this next video in a secondary school Yr7 class, adding drama to the lesson topic of 'Where did English come from?' Part One of a series of Ten clips.

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Try this writing word quiz here

Improve your listening skills? Love football? Premier League games with live match reports available at BBC Radio Five Live!

Other sporting fixtures and events are available through BBC radio.

•Unsure about the meaning to a word or phrase?

•Confident you can use this word or phrase correctly?
•Want to know something about the history of this word?
Find answers and more by visiting this FREE ONLINE  site                                         free online british/american english dictionary


All educational links have been tested and used in the classroom, and come with the recommendations of both English language learners and teachers, mostly living and studying in the city of Oxford, England.

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