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All these links have been tried and tested in real teaching situations, and have worked!

They are especially useful in my teaching, especially with last-minute lesson changes in either location, language level, or the number of students! Have every confidence in using these ideas.

Visit my own resources site by looking for search terms 'tes englishabc1' in your web browser.

  • An interest in English?  Try this blog for all things relating to grammar - visit Grammarphobia Blog - updated daily!
  • Having problems with your class?  Try this link for some useful advice on discipline and teaching strategies - visit The English Teacher
  • Here's an all-round FREE online English resource for teachers and learners of English, for classroom use or self-study - Bob Wilson's AutoEnglish
  • Using authentic texts for classes can prove difficuloxford 3000 academic word listt. How can you quickly grade the text to the level of your learners? Try using this first-rate resource - The Oxford 3000™ Text Checker.  


  • If you are looking for weekly email tips to develop yourself (good for CPD), then visit and sign up to the Developing Teachers website
  • Record your own video & send a link to your students; great for error correction activities - visit Jing
  • Here's a quick, colourful way of generating student interest in class reading texts or as a warmer to lesson topics - Wordle!
  • What do you know about COPYRIGHT and use of COURSEBOOKS and WEB IMAGES?  Try this 'Thinkquest' for both students and teachers
  • Here is an easy to use cartoon strip creation website with three-picture slides.  Great fun for developing dialogue writing skills at all abilities.
  • Do your students, especially Arabic and Asian students, have difficulties in handwriting?  Can you read their written homework?  Try this worksheet creation tool that includes print and cursive tasks.  Really helpful!
  • Here's a writing and grammar word function quiz to help your learners recognise the uses of words within sentences.
  • Visit here for song lyrics to over 700,000 pop songs in English. Then cut and paste into a text document.
  • For a safe site for children, that is informative for adults and professionals, and is a great support to teachers of English visit the British Council now!
  • Help your students learn new words from lists you have created, and play online vocabulary games! This site has a free membership section and a premium paid-for section.  Well worth checking out - Word Learner
  • No English language site is complete without some reference to William Shakespeare. Why? Well, visit Shakespeare Unlocked to find out more!

This is a similar but slightly different site, but with a great name, Teacher's Pet - Turns any text into fun classroom resources, including crosswords, word search puzzles, bingo cards, flashcards and more!

Improve your students' spoken English using headphones with microphone attachments.  Follow video clips and repeat actual dialogue, monitor students' progress and set learning goals here!

Continuing Professional Development

Cambridge English Teacher is for practising teachers of English as a Second Language (ESOL). There is a FREE guest account and an annual subscription-based member account. Online short teaching sessions on lesson planning, technology in the classroom, grammar skills, and more available. Well worth a visit!    

Other Teaching Resources
Some Powerpoint presentations will shortly become available on a number of British cultural topics.  These might be of interest to those wishing to provide a series of student presentations in a language school, or elsewhere.

Meanwhile, here is a Learner Needs Questionnaire developed in answer to meeting the requirements of a  new class. learner needs questionnaire
Speaking activity for Elementary level and upwards -
minimal preparation.       speaking activity
 Video clips for lesson ideas?
Page Last Updated - 24/06/2023
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