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Whatever you are looking for I hope you find it here. 

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Mostly Numeracy

This is a really easy, simple-to-use website, called Maths Chase that will help with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of numbers. In addition, it has 'odd or even' and 'greater than or less than'. Give it a go today!

Mostly Video

Helpful and informative IELTS advice and preparation
Podcast English - free
Some great ideas to help you improve your English for all ability levels
From beginner onwards, free lessons of up to ten minutes on a range of topics by real teachers!  Try it and see for yourself!
An excellent site for improving your speech, pronunciation or English accent, and also your listening.  The BASIC ACCOUNT is free when you sign up for your own account. You will be encouraged to 'GO PRO' on a regular basis.  Connect a microphone to the computer to record your voice!
Mostly Fun & Games
Easy to complete series of free to use games!
EXAMS - IELTS Test Practice & Advice
Currently teaching an IELTS course to students, we have found this site to be useful additional support. Thanks to Ali M Alshehri for finding it!
Need to improve your Personal statement, essay, dissertation, or thesis?  These exercises and explanations are a useful help for you!
From the home of the world's most authoritative English language dictionary, Oxford, improve your writing skills here!
Has someone, maybe your teacher said to you, 'watch your handwriting'? Here is an online site where you can make your own text and print off in D'Nealian or Cursive style. I have tried it, and it is really helpful. Save past worksheets with a simple login process.
Mostly Very Young Learners
These include learning the alphabet, counting numbers and animals, a wordsearch and telling the time!  Great fun!
Self-study English Resources
Conversational English
Tired of 'correct' English? Want to speak 'natural English'? Look no further and visit this excellent free site!
Mostly educational
This is a really useful skill to help you in producing English texts. And it is great fun too!
Mostly relaxation and, stress-relief!
Thai Massage
A professional complementary therapist offering relaxation in your own home or place of work.
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