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Our Special Saving Clients money club page



We have found that as accountants our clients look for us to be able to assist them in making business and indeed personal savings. We would expect every accountant (yes we are naive but dont hold that against us) to have clients paying the correct amount of tax and not any more. However we very much doubt that many of our competitors will go to the lengths that we will to save our clients money.

We have resourced through our partner business Utility Warehouse various exceptional savings which we are licenced to provide.

If you want to know more and potentially join the Purple club 

Why not join us in "doing the do"

call us on 01479 812211 to learn how we can GENUINELY help you save money (at home as well as in the workplace) , and if you want we can help your staff to make significant household savings as well - making you a truly "caring employer".

Would you like to save money on Telephone, Broadband, Electricity, Gas, Mobile 

or perhaps you would like to

WIN A MINI (yes please)

call 07786 544759 or 01479 812211

or E mail mike.evans@efaccountants.co.uk

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