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â–ºThe Green Rush Opportunity


In 2019 whilst caddying for the summer at Scottish Open Golf Championship venue Castle Stuart I had the pleasure of caddying for a successful and rich (gambling $1,000 per hole) Investment banker from New York as a client and being a Chartered Accountant I took the opportunity to ask for investment ideas upon which he suggested I "look at the fast paced and explosive Hemp and CBD industry as it was booming in the USA". 

Shortly thereafter and totally co-incidentally a friend from a Golf network group "Fore Business Golf" introduced me to a business opportunity with leading USA company Kannaway inc who, as a company of firsts, are pioneers in the Hemp and particularly CBD oil industry.

They are quickly developing a name for themselves, as a quality brand, having been the first to present to the United Nations and World Health Organisation on the amazing possible effects and benefits of their products which range from oils to proteins to skin care to pet foods to LLC Cold Laser Therapy machines, as used by 2001, 2003,2004,2014,2016 and 2018) Superbowl Champs The New England Patriots (click for source). Kannaway in conjunction with Microlight inc have a patent on the use of their joint products which many top sports stars as well as mere mortals swear by.

This is an amazing business opportunity that can be run part time alongside your other business or even regular job and where you can develop a residual income for yourself or you can simply purchase product for your personal use, as many people are fast starting to do in order to get the wonderful benefits of Kannaways premium quality CBD oil and related products. 

Why not watch this 60 second or so VIDEO to get a flavour for Kannaway quality and if you want to know more then join me along with fellow, future and current, Kannaway Brand Ambassadors for a 30 minute Business presentation on a Tuesday evening or a product demonstration on a Thursday evening. Call me to arrange a VIP ticket 07786 544759. or 01479 812211 or click HERE to make a personal appointment with myself.

If you prefer to sample the product first yourself to see what the furore is all about then please follow this link to my personal Kannaway Retail Website (NB prices are in Euros so dont forget to translate c90%) and where you can order a FREE sample pack for ONLY the cost of delivery right to your door as well as read about Olympic, NFL, Football and a myriad of other Athletes who themselves use and are ambassadors for Kannaway's CBD and Hemp related products.

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