24 March 2020

URGENT - BUSINESS SCAM. Please read. Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan. "Good morning Mr Smith, it's Julie here from the Business Interruption Loan Team" - as you have just applied, your bank have asked me to call you DIRECT. As you know, this is underwritten by the Government. You can apply ONLINE, or I can help you process this now as it would be quicker - what suits you best? Great, how much are you applying for? Great, I have your full business details, so all I need is your bank details and if the loan is approved it will be credited in 48 hours". They are WAY more slicker than this.... How cruel is this? They know so many businesses will be applying for this. Please share. The last thing any business needs is losing what little they have.


For reliable info on Covid 19 and business Tax, Loan help etc click link:

Critical Covid 19 Business Updates 



As we invested heavily in cloud based systems in 2019  We are currently still working albeit from home and as long as the cloud works.

Payrolls in particular have had priority treatment this week and all March payrolls have now been processed as we were fortunate to get the heads up from a critical resource supplier.

Take care and we hope to see you all in the New Era when we plan to be using our unique armament of cost savings (Electricity Gas Telephone and Merchant Services amongst others) to aid all business recovery along with any invaluable guidance we can muster from relevant sources.


Can we also quietly suggest now is a good time to get your annual books ready for processing and we will be ready as soon as back to normal to receive these.


We also plan to continue to update as best we can our Critical Corona Virus Updates Page. 

Critical Covid 19 Business Updates 


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