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Entries for 17th March:-   The sections will be Minor under 130 and Major under 171!

Parul Amlani-80E-Wales-Minor

Graham J Andrews-A119-Woking-Minor

David A S Buckland-A78-Cowley Workers-Minor - WITHDRAWN

Tony G Bynnersley-A118-West London-Minor

James Corrigan-D140-Welwyn Hatfield Chess Forum-Major

Patrick Damodaran-A38-Kent Juniors-Minor

Cledwyn Davies-A122-Wales-Minor - WITHDRAWN

David Everitt-A89-Haywards Heath-Minor

Hugh F Fenwick-A156-Mushrooms-Major-Bye in R1

Oliver Finnegan-A154-BBCA-Major

Mohammed Aayan Ismail-A137-Alfil Newham-Major

Alexander Jamieson-A147-Hammersmith-Major

Neil Jamieson-A77-London*-Minor

Michal Kajda-D74-Alfil Newham-Minor

Raghu Kamath-A163-Richmond & Twickenham-Major

Jonathan Landau-A170-Chislehurst-Major

Steve Madden-B139-Athenaeum-Major

James J McDonnell-A148-Streatham-Major

John M McGann-A72-King's Head-Minor

Barry S Miles-A112-Coulsdon CF-Minor

David J Millward-A164-Writtle-Major

Robert S Mitchell-A109-Sidcup-Minor

Hassan Mugalu-B161-Railways London-Major

Brendan O'Gorman-A140-D.H.S.S.-Major

Odiase Oluwaseun-A161-Nigeria-Major

Salvatore Pepe-A141-Hendon-Major

Rajiv Prinja-60E-London E*-Minor

Alex Richards-E131-The Hall (Middlesex)-Major

David C Wood-C54-Bury St.Edmunds-Minor - WITHDRAWN


The new DGT's will be used from now on.  The DGT 3000 is a super clock.

The Rate of Play will be 25 Minutes plus a 5 Second increment from the first move!

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