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I´ve been to many tournaments and Norman, Yelena and Ray are three of the nicest runners I´ve ever met. I travelled along way so wanted to meet nice people and they were lovely. I was pleasantly surprised my entry fee included tea and lunch and the food was really good and when I first signed up there was a problem with my email and Norman was very helpful and patient so. Despite the hour or so journey, I look forward to these tournaments every month. Thankyou Norman, Yelena and Ray.
Posted by Maximo Pollack on 21 May 2022
Thank you very much indeed for the very kind words Max. It was a pleasure to have such a nice and well mannered young man playing in my tournament. So pleased that you enjoyed it.
Posted by Norman on 21 May 2022
Guest book
I first enquired about this tournament in Feb 2020, and was so glad to see it had restarted again, after an 18 month hiatus. It was worth the wait. The tournament ran very smoothly and Norman and Yelena were very welcoming. Will definetly be making a return trip. Thanks again, David
Posted by David Rogers on 17 October 2021
Thank you for the kind words David. You are most welcome to return. You are so much better than your rating so not sure how long you'll remain elligible for the Minor section??
Posted by Norman on 17 October 2021
maybe one more, and then I'll set my sights on conquering the Majors!
Posted by David Rogers on 17 October 2021
Thoroughly well organised tournament. Bit of an old school feel with the parings board. £30 for entry all you can drink tea and coffee plus lunch is good value - especially given the location.
Posted by Rene Butler on 05 September 2021
Thanks Rene. I'm proudly 'old school'. Too old to change now. Very pleased that you enjoyed it. We look forward to welcoming you again.
Posted by Norman on 05 September 2021
20th July 2019 Rapidplay
This was the first time for me playing at the Docklands club. Friendly, well run, easy to get to and no problem to park. In the words of the great Arnie S ' I'll be back'.
Posted by Tony Langley on 23 July 2019
Thanks for the kind words Tony. It was a pleasure and I hope you indeed do come back again!
Posted by Norman on 23 July 2019
Rapidplay 13th April 2019
Excellent event today. Thank you All at poplar for hosting this see you all again soon.
Charles from Isle of Wight
Posted by Charles Charalambous on 13 April 2019
Thanks Charles for your kind words. It was nice to meet you. Hope you can come and see us again before too long.
Posted by Mr Norman Went on 14 April 2019
Next tournament 16/9/17
Posted on 12 September 2017
8th April 2017 Tournament
Posted on 23 April 2017
Homely event
Posted on 10 June 2016
next event
Posted on 19 November 2013
Posted on 11 October 2013
Posted on 15 September 2013
Posted on 10 August 2013
Posted on 14 June 2013
great day
Posted on 01 June 2013
chess events
Posted on 29 March 2013
Well organised event
Posted on 16 December 2012
December 2012
Posted on 16 December 2012
Well Done
Posted on 08 November 2012
A day to remember
Posted on 19 August 2012
Excellent tournaments
Posted on 28 February 2011
Great chess experience!
Posted on 27 February 2011
good organisation
Posted on 24 January 2011
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