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Caves Secrets Revealed !!

But not by this BBC report:

But wait, what was happening in these caves before they were discovered?  There are more to these caves than meet the eye!  Lindsey Wallace presents a magical tale that can only be told at night when the lights are turned down low.

It's Lindsey Wallace's first attempt at writing on the Internet - all her other works, under a pen name, have been in book form.   

For her first attempt, including the imaging and layout, it has to be said that it is all rather unique.   One never knows what to expect next.

However, please be aware, that this tale should only be told to children that are old enough to understand about fairies and their mystical powers.   You may ask: Do fairies really exist?   After reading this tale you may begin to wonder - and when did it all really start?

John Phillip









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