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First round played on Thursday the 19th July 2018, best of five legs, all players to be signed in by 8.45pm, played down to a winner.

Venue - Foresters

R Gill - New Inn Newthorpe

M Townsend - Spanish Bar A

L Kew - Spanish Bar A

J Swain - Conservative Club

D Smith - Gardeners Inn

L Jenkins - Conservative Club

B James - Gardeners Inn

R Marriott - Foresters Won


Venue - Gardeners Inn

R Secker - Wellington

A Poole - Gardeners Inn

G Barnett - West End Club Won

R Robinson - Foresters

G Bowmar - Gate Inn

R Housley - Conservative Club

P Haney - Spanish Bar B

P Capewell - Wellington


Venue - Gate Inn

M James - Gardeners Inn

M Wheatley - West End Club

S Dady - Conservative Club

J Hayes - Gardeners Inn

I Langham - West End Club Won

D Tucker - Gate Inn

J Smith - Wellington

D Bradley - New Inn Newthorpe


Venue - Crown Inn

G Andrews - Three Horse Shoes B

D Allcock - Crown Inn

R Bryant - Gardeners Inn

G Dodd - Dukeries

L Harmer - Crown Inn Won

R Hawkins - Spanish Bar A

S Draper - Wellington

C Cunningham - Three Horse Shoes B


Venue - Conservative Club

W Smedley - Conservative Club

D Pearce - West End Club

D Riley - Conservative Club

R Shaw - Dukeries

A Kirkman - Conservative Club Won

I Longdon - New Inn Newthorpe

P Flint - Wellington

D Hughes - Spanish Bar A


Venue - Wellington

C Langham - West End Club Won

A Dady - Conservative Club

M Smith - Wellington

A Bolton - New Inn Newthorpe

J Mee - Wellington

C Pollard - Wellington

C Bowley - Spanish Bar A


Venue - New Inn Newthorpe

S Brown - New Inn Newthorpe

S Bowmar - New Inn Newthorpe

F Hayes - Gardeners Inn

C Pickworth - Wellington

S Johnson - Wellington

C Butcher - Conservative Club

S Brewster - Crown Inn Won


Venue - Durham Ox

J Killeen - Dukeries

P Cooke - Crown Inn

A Patterson - Gardeners Inn

J Stimpson - Conservative Club

W Johnson - Durham Ox

S Jones - Wellington

Conner Butcher - Conservative Club

D Coy - Spanish Bar A Won


Final played on Thursday 16th August 2018

8.45pm start the best of five legs.


Venue - Gate Inn

R Marriott - Foresters

L Harmer - Crown Inn

G Barnett - West End Club

I Langham - West End Club

A Kirkman - Conservative Club

S Brewster - Crown Inn

D Coy - Spanish Bar A

C Langham - West End Club


Congratulations to L Harmer of the Crown Inn on winning the singles final and also to A Kirkman of the Conservative Club on finishing runner up.
























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