Chairmans Report

Chairman’s Report 2022

After not being able to meet in person for some time it is good to be back to relative normality.  This year after the elections in May 2021 we welcomed back Chris Beckett as a Councillor and co-opted a new Councillor, Alan Bryan-Peach.

As ever there have been the usual issues with speeding which we do monitor to the best of our abilities and we should have residents out and about soon to carry out speed monitoring sessions with the Police so we are on the right track.  We also had the speed matrix signs reinstated.

The usual issues with the dust from Bawtry Carbon is ongoing but we work with the management team to keep the dust levels to a minimum.  The quarry on High Common Lane has been causing quote a problem with sand on the road and again we are trying to put some pressure on to get this resolved.

The work on the memorial garden continues and our thanks go to Andy and Sarah for organising this. 

The village green is now registered so that is a positive move.

There have been several benches installed in the village and Austerfield in Bloom have done a great job caring for our flower beds and making the village look attractive, we hope to continue to support the group with the work they carry out.

The play equipment on the recreation field continues to be well utilised. 

Again we have contributed towards the running of Austerfield Mosaic Trust and Austerfield Study Centre and these organisations are a great asset to our village. 

The embroidery for the Pilgrim Fathers anniversary has been installed in the church and if you get an opportunity, do go and look at it.  The Council are happy to be funding the grass cutting within the churchyard and we would like to thank the volunteers that assisted with the work last year. 

We were fortunate to be able to hold the annual Christmas lunch for our senior residents, the event was very well attended and enjoyed by all, and thanks go to everyone at The Ship Inn Newington for hosting the event.  We hope to be able to provide more for the village at Christmas this year but I won’t say too much about that as the project has just started. 

I’d like to thank our Ward Councillors for all they do for the village.  Thank you to my fellow Councillors and Sarah our Clerk as without her we would be half the Council we are.  Thank you to our parishioners for their continued support and I hope we have a brighter year to come.


Lesley Cox


Austerfield Parish Council




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