On this page you will find updates on village news.  If you have items of news you would like to have included on this page, please contact any member of the Parish Council (details can be found on the Meet the Council page).

Speed Issue Meeting

Cllr Rachael Blake has arranged a meeting with DMBC and South Yorkshire Police on Wednesday 13th March to discuss the ongoing speed issues that occuring in the village.  The meeting will start at 4pm at Toll Bar Corner, a walk through the village will take place to review the areas of concern and will be followed by a meeting at Austerfield Study Centre at 5pm.

Bus Service Update

Unfortunately SYPTE have cancelled the twice weekly service through the village.  The Parish Council along with Councillor Rachael Blake will be lobbying to ensure that the village sees the reinstatement of a service.

Facebook Page

The Parish Council now have a Facebook page; please follow and share the page with your friends; please follow the link to access the page.


30 MPH Speed Limit Extension

Doncaster MBC have issued a permanent traffic regulation order which outlines the plans to extend  the 30 mph speed limit from 6 Wayside to the junction of High Field Lane.  

Concessionary Passes

Ward Councillor Rachael Blake has confirmed that SYPTE have agreed that residents can use their concessionary passes on the 08:30 am 320 bus service.  Please remember that this service is only funded on a use it or lose basis.

New Bus Service

Good News!  The village finally has a new bus service; the timetable details can be found below.  Please spead the word and make sure it is used as if not then the service will be cancelled after 12 months.  The times aren't ideal at the moment but Ward Councillor Rachael Blake is discussing amendments to the service and concessionary rates for the morning service; so please bear with us and fingers crossed the service continues.

Austerfield to Doncaster:(Monday and Wednesday)

Austerfield High Street/Butten Meadow                08:30

Austerfield High Street/Pilgrim Rise                      08:31

Bawtry Market Place                                            08:36

Bawtry Doncaster Road/North Avenue                  08:39

Parrots Corner Great North Road/Hayfield Lane     08:47

Belle Vue/Bennetthorpe/Grand St Leger Hotel       08:53

Doncaster Frenchgate Interchange                       09:05


Doncaster to Austerfield:

Doncaster Frenchgate Interchange                          14:35

Belle Vue/Bennetthorpe/Grand St Leger Hotel           14:45

Parrots Corner Great North Road/Hayfield Lane         14:53

Bawtry Doncaster Road/North Avenue                      15:01

Bawtry Market Place                                                15:04

Austerfield High Street/Pilgrim Rise                           15:09

Austerfield High Street/Butten Meadow                     15:10


The Parish Council are concerned with the amount of vehicles speeding through the village and are regularly contacting DMBC regarding the issue.  In order to raise awareness the Parish Council have purchased speed warning stickers for residents to display on wheelie bins.  The Councillors will be delivering the stickers to residents within the next few weeks and hope that a positive reaction is received from residents and drivers.

New Playground Equipment

The Parish Council are pleased to announce that two items of playground equipment has been ordered,  The equipment is suiable for younger children and will be delivered within the next few months.  The Councillors hope that the children in the village and surrounding area enjoy the new features.

On this page you will find updates on village news.  If you have items of news you would like to have included on this page, please contact any member of the Parish Council (details can be found on the Meet the Council page).

Parking Issues

The Parish Council have received several complaints regarding vehicles parking on the pavements.  Currently as the law stands, it is not illegal to park on pavements in areas that do not have pavement parking restriction signs erected by the local Council.  However cars parking on pavements certainly can be hazardous for many pedestrians. In particular, the blind, disabled and individuals with push chairs can struggle to get past an inappropriately parked vehicle. It can also lead pedestrians having to walk into the road to navigate their way around the obstruction.  The Parish Council would like to request that residents take the time to be considerate towards other residents and pedestrians.

Bus Service Update

Ward Councillor Rachael Blake has been discussing the bus service issue with Stagecoach.  Stagecoach have advised that they could divert the No.27 service which travels from Retford to Doncaster through the village daily at 9.30; 11.30 and 13.30.  Stagecoach require 6 weeks notice to start the diversion and also a subsidy of £150 per week.  The Parish Council are unable to subsidise the diversion on a long term basis therefore Councillor Blake is meeting again with Stagecoach to ask them to lower the subsidy and also seeking funding from another source.  Councillor Blake will be attending the next Parish Council meeting which is to be held on Monday 16th November to update the Council. 

Doncaster Community Transport

The following Community Transport services are available to residents within Austerfield who find it difficult to access public transport.

Each service will pick you up from your home and can take you to your local area and beyond.

Dial a Ride

Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 17:00.

Fares: Up to 2 miles - £2.00

2.1 to 4 miles - £2.50

4.1 to 6 miles - £3.00

Over 6 miles - £3.00 plus 50p per mile

Shopper Bus

Austerfield to Doncaster Town Centre

Tuesday: Arrives 10:15 and Departs 13:00

Thursday: Arrives 10:00 and Departs 12:45

Friday: Arrives 11:30 and Departs 14:15

Austerfield to Sainsburys/Tesco at Edenthorpe

Wednesday: Arrives 10:15 and Departs 11:30

All services must be booked in advance and bookings can be made by calling Doncaster Community Transport between 08:00 and 16:30 Monday to Friday.

The contact details for Doncaster Community Transport are:

Postal Address: Doncaster Community Transport

Leger House

Brooke Street



Registration and enquiries: 01302 342400

Website: www.travelsouthyorkshire.com/door2door

Email: johnwade@legerbus.co.uk

Community Garden Project

Austerfield Parish Council would like to hear from residents who would be interested in setting up a Community Garden Project.

A piece of land which is located on the corner of High Common Lane and High Street was given to the Parish Council to use as a memorial park or garden.  The land at the moment is unused an overgrown.

If you are interested in this project then please contact a member of the council or come along to the next meeting.

July Meeting

The following representatives from DMBC will be attending the meeting which is to be held on Monday 20th July:

Angela Barnes - Keeping Doncaster Safe Forum

Teresa Hubery - Senior Planning Officer

If you would like to find out more information about Safeguarding Adults or Local Plans then please come along to the meeting.

Ward Councillor Surgeries

On the last Saturday of each month there will be a Councillor's surgery; the surgery will be held at Austerfield Study Centre between the hours of 10am and 2pm.

The surgeries are intended to give residents an opportunity to meet Ward Counciilor's to have a chat or raise any concerns that they may have either about the village or individual concerns.

The first meeting has been arranged for Saturday 30th May.

Walking on the Mosaic Trust Land

The Council have received queries from residents regarding walking on the Mosaic Trust land.  Hansons hve kindly provided a map of the area and requested that members of the public stay away from the Weighbridge area and cross the Haul Road at the designated points.  Members of the public should not walk along the Haul Road and if walking a dog then Hansons have requested that the dog is kept on a lead when close to the road to avoid any accidents.

The plan can be viewed by clicking here:

If you have any queries or require a copy of the plan then please contact the Clerk.

Bus Service - Reply from SYPTE

The Parish Council have now received a response from South Yorkshire Transport with regards to the lack of a bus service in the village.  To read the reply please click in the link below:


The Parish Council have also contacted Leger Bus as some residents have advised that they are unable access this service due to being fully booked.  A representative from Leger Bus has agreed to attend a Parish Council meeting (date to be confirmed); if you would like to find out more about using the Leger Bus service please come along to the meeting or pass on your queries to any member of the Parish Council.

Christmas Lunch

The Council held their annual Christmas Lunch on Monday 8th December at The Ship Inn at Newington.  All residents who were age 60 or over were invited to have a three course meal with the Councillors.  The event was very successful and the feedback recieved from the residents with regards to the food and service was very positive.  The Councillors would like to thank all the staff at The Ship Inn for once again making the Christmas lunch so successful.

Bus Service Update

You may be aware that South Yorkshire Transport Executive cancelled the regular bus service that ran through the village in August 2014.  The lack in service is causing problems for residents who are unable to drive and students attending The Hayfield School.

The Parish Council have contacted SYPTE regarding this issue and have been advised that the service was cancelled due to a decline in use.  The Parish Council have asked SYPTE to consider re-routing another bus service through the village and to enable this option to move forward SYPTE have requested evidence of a requirement for a bus service.

Therefore the Parish Council have recently distributed questionnaires to all residents to establish how often and when a bus service is required within the village.  The results from the questionnaires can be found be clicking the link below.


These results have been forwarded to SYPTE and further news will be published once a response has been received.





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