A step forward..
04 October 2021

Our meeting on the 4th October was memorable in being another hopeful step along the road to ‘normality’. After a careful review and risk assessment and following all Rotary and governmental directives and guidelines, we met once again at the Rockies Restaurant in Anstruther Golf Club.

It was good to be back and, following a meal and business, we were treated to a well-researched illustrated talk by Malcom MacDonald on the history of lifeboats in Scotland; especially Anstruther.

From the 1865 ‘Admiral Fitzroy’ - a 32 foot long 2 ton boat driven by 10 oars at a newly established lifeboat station in Anstruther, Malcolm told the stories of the eight craft that bring us to today - including the ‘Rotary Centenary Queen’ a small inshore boat. What was common to all the stories was the heroism and courage of crew going out in the worst of weather with the aim of rescue and the saving of lives. It is difficult to imagine just how hazardous it was in the early open boats, propelled by oars and with little in the way of flotation aids - for boat or crew. We heard of many remarkable rescues but also, sadly, of some that ended in tragedy.

It was particularly good to hear of the constant developments and improvements made to rescue craft over the years. Improvements that made the chance of a successful rescue greater and also made the task a little less dangerous. And then we get to today’s rugged, sophisticated self-righting designs that are equipped with the very latest of technologies. Malcolm mentioned the 'Shannon' class, due for Anstruther once the planned new shed is built. Without doubt what has not changed though is the courage and dedication of the RNLI crews.

Following questions an appreciative vote of thanks was proposed by Derek Mathie.   


Covid and all..
23 September 2021

As for everyone Covid restrictions have proven to be both long and tiring. Our traditional fund raising events such as Christmas post delivery and the popular coastal path charity walk have just not been possible.

However, we have continued to ‘meet’ every second week via ‘Zoom’ and have been able to provide support to the local food bank, to Waid Academy, to ENCEPT - the East Neuk Community Emergency Planning Team and to several charities, especially those supporting children.

Most recently the club has purchased another two ShelterBoxes - those marvellous emergency ‘boxes’ that include a tent, cooking stove, bedding, water purification equipment and in fact everything a family needs to survive a disaster.

And on a brighter note!! dare we say, the club choir managed to meet in a garden. The weather was kind, the singing rusty but the coffee and cake delightful.

The success of vaccination and the lessening of restrictions also meant the club was able to organise a very enjoyable car treasure hunt. Social distancing, mask wearing and risk assessments of course  - but great fun and finishing at the ‘Eatooterie’ at Ovenstone for outdoor burgers and chips. 

And now in this last month we have been able, once again, to meet in person. Fellowship at a social distance perhaps, but nonetheless most enjoyable. We have also been able to welcome a new member and our wish is that we might return to as normal a programme as we can.


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