It started on Saturday the 18th November, 2017 - a freezing day -  members of Rotary were warmed by the huge generosity of shoppers at the Co-op in Anstruther. Collecting tins rapidly filled up to help fund the purchase of ‘Shelter Boxes’. A wonderful total of total of £716.29p was donated. Thank you to generous shoppers and to managers and staff at the Co-op for making it possible. Since then many shelterboxes have been donated - including two this year. 

These are the ingenious and precious boxes that contain a tent, bedding, a stove, cooking pots, water purification equipment and even a knitted Teddy - enough to sustain a family when disaster strikes.  They are in use around the world. The boxes relieve suffering and save lives. 

There are now almost 60 million people around the world forced from their homes due to natural disasters or conflict, the greatest number since WW2. ShelterBox is a UK charity, and a world authority on providing innovative, rapid and practical shelter to families in some of the worlds’ hardest-to-reach places and most devastated disaster zones. Since founding in 2000 it’s helped more than one million people worldwide rebuild their lives and it now has affiliate ShelterBox operations across Europe, Africa, Americas and Asia.



Anstruther Rotary Club members work to help promote world understanding and peace through world community service and friendship programmes especially to:

  • support humanitarian programmes of Rotary International for Water, Sanitation, Health, Poverty and Literacy.
  • respond to disaster relief efforts and to rebuilding work following natural disasters.
  • build and sustain international friendship and service through the Rotary Fellowships and Rotarian Action Groups.

Our club actively supports a number of programmes (click on the underlined links for more information).  We regularly provide ShelterboxesAquaboxes, and Lifestraws.



When Rotarians are confronted with problems too large to contemplate, they start small and keep going ……… build bridges that last

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