A CLUB CHOIR, just for the fun of it - has been singing along for a good few years now, with guidance from the expert hand of Choir Director Miss Jessie Lyon.

Musical meanderings from Victoriana to Musicals to Burns. German, French, Gaelic and Latin - and even a venture into barber shop harmony.

Critical listeners assure the choir they mellow and improve as each year passes! Much like the finest of wine - or even a violin from the hand of a master!

Sadly, the choir was silenced by Covid regulations, but when permitted struck a note (dare we say!!) for freedom, by meeting in the spacious gardens of a choir member. It would not be unkind to say the singing was just a little rusty - but socially distanced coffee and cake helped no end.

And now, with Covid restrictions in the past, the choir has once again been out and about. In a brief entry into the halls of fame the choir joined many other performars to sing in Pittenweem Church during the 2023 Arts Festival and then to Kilrenny Church for an anniversary meeting of 'The Rural'.

More recently and by way of 'foreign travel' - an adventure abroad to Glenrothes and a care home. then to Arncroach, two gigs in St Monans (repeat performances no less!) and then to St Andrews. 

New songs have now been handed out and we sense that our Choir Director has PLANS!



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