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Take Very Good Notice Miss Entwistle

Miss Entwistle,

                      Either you or those working for you will have seen the recent post concerning the problems a leaseholder has been facing.

Of course not many of the problems are unusual.

Please be aware that Peverel Action are taking such a very strong line on this because of the circumstances the leaseholder finds themselves in which is unconnected to the actions of Peverel.

Unless you have hundreds of cases similar to this, it should be possible to identify the leaseholder and to rectify the wrong that has been done to them.

If you don't, and the circumstances are made public, i predict that  Peverel in general and you in particular will be vilified for Peverel's actions.  This will do more harm than the "dribbling geriatrics" comment. Sort this out Miss Entwistle, and sort it out now!

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