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Cirrus Price Fixing

That Cirrus engaged in price fixing is not in doubt. It has been admitted to by Peverel, who claim to have volunteered the information to the OFT to avoid penalties.

That residents affected by the price fixing scandal are entitled to have money reurned to them is also not in any doubt.

Will Peverel issue refunds of their own volition? Very doubtfull!

Have Carlex instructed a powerful legal team to force Peverel to repay victims of the price fixing scandal? Yes they have!

How can you be part of the action?

Simple. Contact Carlex with your development details and tell them what dates Cirrus carried out any work, how much it cost and what it was for?

Since it is probable the Peverel line will be "we admit the price fixing, but it was for a few isolated developments"

Imagine Carlex showing the court a list of hundreds of developments where the price fixing occurred.

So Peverel Action asks you to send those details to Carlex. They will be happy to do the rest .

Peverel Action wishes to extend thanks to Carlex and LKP.

Most people only see what is posted on the sites, Behind the scenes much more is happening. Al leaseholders owe much to Carlex and LKP

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