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Careline Failure Shock

We at Peverel Action receive countless stories relating to some failure concerning Peverel. 

Sometimes, we receive a comment that leaves us truly shocked.

Such is the case with the comment posted by Chas regarding Careline and a delay of 40 minutes before a paramedic had access to a patient.

This could easily have led to the death of the patient.

Careline have a duty to provide cover 100% of the time, and with 100% accuracy. There is no room for any kind of error. There is no excuse for a Paramedic being denied information that is urgently required.

We would like to thank Chas for bringing this very serious situation to all our attention and would remind every body that a "careline emergency service" can be obtained from other companies at a fraction of the prices currently being paid.

We hope the patient has made a full recovery.

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