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Thank You And Very Well Done

Peverel Action would like to pay tribute to the fantastic efforts of those involved with CARLEX and LKP. As is the case with Peverel Action, since it was announced that steps were under way that would prove very troubling for Tchenguz and Peverel, Carlex and LKP have done the most wonderful job. We cannot name individuals, but they know who they are. Suffice to say all leaseholders owe them a huge debt of gratitude.

It would have been all to easy just to solve an individual development's problems. But what has happened, uniquely, is that people have teamed up from every walk of life to fight not for themselves, but on principal on behalf of others.

As the problems for Tchenguiz mount and Peverel slide from one crisis of their making to another one, Peverel Action would like to express their appreciation for all those who have taken part in the campaign. This is not resticted to the contributors, just reading any of the sites has helped. It only takes a couple of people to say "Did you hear about Peverel?"

The campaign has not been won yet. We will all work together to bring fairness to both freeholder and leaseholder (hopefully a form of common hold) We also believe in fairness for property managers and their contractors. We will continue as best as we can, long after Tchenguiz and long after Peverel.


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