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Bloodhound Supersonic Car Competition


July 2011


On the 6th July Year 7 students from Churchill Community School and Backwell Secondary School travelled to the Bloodhound SSC Education Centre in Bristol to race hand built pneumatic cars.


In the spirit of the land speed record attempts the rules of the competition were simple. Students worked in small teams to design, build and test a vehicle from a single sheet of A4 material of their choice, which would travel as far as possible when shot out of a compressed air launcher.


Both schools ran internal competitions and the best teams made it to the final.


When the teams arrived they were given an update on the Bloodhound SSC World Land Speed Record attempt, before embarking on a team challenge to build air brakes using syringes and plastic tubing.


Each team had a chance to test and make final adjustments to their cars before the final run. Unfortunately some of the teams were a bit too enthusiastic with the air pressures and damaged their cars. Some hasty repairs with superglue were needed!!!


The winning team came from Churchill Community School and was awarded their very own scale model of the Bloodhound SSC produced on a 3D printer. Everyone walked away with certificates.

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