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York Vaptartak show was a success


on Sunday 2nd Feb 2020 but did


not run in 2021 because of Covid 


I recently purchased at a sale a number of master moulds of unknown origin that contained a small number of individual figures and vehicles etc.  The moulds are not the normal rubber type but of a fragile white latex? or similar and were small rectangular two part moulds containing one , two and occasionally three castings.  This is a 25mm, BA 10M Russian Armoured car that I have made into a one piece casting (originally body, turret and wheels seperate)to see how they would look.  There are no makers names on the bottom of any of the vehicles and figures and what I have purchased are obviously the master moulds.  I will provide more photographs as the figures are prepared.  

Any information on the origins would be helpful


BA 10M Russian Armoured Car and Dingo WW2


25mm Landskneckt figures

25/28mm Elephant and Landskneckt figures


To navigate this site, choose the tab on the left that you require (ie 15mm The Ice Age) Press the tab and the page with Ice Age figures and pictures will appear.  Select the figures etc that you require and either send me an Email with the item you require on and I will send you the price plus postage or work out how much the amont is going to be, add the postage on as well and then Email me with your list and pay the full amont to Pay Pal at this mail address at  

If you have any problems then Email me at

25mm Rioters/Thugs £1.00 each 

New, 25mm 'Retro' (70s) Space Troopers  28mm from bottom of base to top of helmet, 1.00p each

Space 1 Avancing

Space 2 Firing

New 25mm Napoleonic (Idanho) Portugese Militia  £1.00 each

Please note

I normally send packages out by first class mail.  If you would like to pay extra and have your package to be sent by 'signed for' or if a large expensive package, 'insurred', or some other form of postage, then please indicte when ordering.  When I post a package I receive a 'proof of posting 'receipt and as a result I can not be held responsible for packages that get lost (very occasionally) in the post


28mm Early Medieval knights


Early Medieval Knights 1250-1350?

£1.00 for Foot, £1.50 Mounted


EM  1  BOWMAN in helmet    

EM  2  BOWMAN in helmet

EM  3  FOOT KNIGHT in great helm, shield and sword

EM  4  MOUNTED KNIGHT  Great Helm, shield and spear

EM  5  MOUNTED KNIGHT  Great Helm shield and spear

EM  6  MOUNTED KNIGHT  Great Helm with crest shield and axe

EM  7  MOUNTED KNIGHT  Great Helm with feathers shield and spear

EM  8  MOUNTED KNIGHT  Great Helm with vertical crest shield and spear

EM  9  Foot knight in helmet with shield and sword    

EM  10 Foot knight in great helm with spear and shield    

EM  11 Religious man/Monk with ragged cross on staff

Can be used in any period between 1170 &1536

EM  12 Religious man/Monk with banner

EM  13 Mounted knight in round helmet   


15mm BEOWULF and GRENDEL figures

From Lone Warrior

The Beowulf figure delightful, standing in huberk, with big round bossed shield, sword poised for thrusting over shield rim.  Grendel on the other hand is bug, over 25mm tall, 35mm to the top of his arm which is raised ready to strike (with his spiked club): the monsters hairy, wild and partly clad in furs, he'd fit with many a fantasy scenario.

Price £1.50 for both

Rob Morgan, Lone Warrior 2013

These two figures in identical poses are now available in 28mm, priced at £2.50 for both


World War One 1914/5 British, German and French

Start of a new expanding range of figures as the centenary of the begining of the great war approaches.  These are 15mm in size and comparable with the smaller Peter Pig figures.  Price is £2.50 per pack of 8 infantry

Britsh 1         8 x Assorted infantry

British 1a       8 x Assorted infantry including officers

German1       8 x Assorted infantry

German 1a    8 x Assorted infantry including officers

French 1       8 x Infantry advancing

French 1a     8 x Infantry advancing including officers

New New New New New New New New New New

Also new 25mm Orc's Individual figures at £1.00p each !!

Orc with bow

Orc with sword type weapon

Orc with spear

Orc with pole axe

25mm Orc with 1 Euro coin for comparisson   Opening price is £1.00p each



25mm figures are £1.00p each

28mm Robin Hood are £1.00p each

1/3000 and 1/1200 scale ships have also increased in price

1/4800 scale ships which were half price at are now 40p and 80p per ship

Sorry, due to the huge increase in the price of metal and also postage I have been forced to increase the price of ships by a small amount


Happy new year everyone

I have a few new 1/4800 and a couple of new 1/3000 ships at present

I am trying to keep the prices down even though the metal price keeps rising

16th April 2011

A few new Modern figures to add to this 'topical' range!

MAF 1 Infantry armed with pistols and AK 47s (assorted)
MAF 2 Heavy Weapons (RPG/LMG)
MAF 3 Arab dressed irregulars 
with AK 47s AND RPG7

Useful if you want an unarmed mob !!
MAF 4  Unarmed stone throwers
MAF 5  Unarmed flag and placard bearers
MAF 6  Riot Police with guns etc
MAF 7  Riot Police in long shields
MAF 8  Riot Police with round shields
MAF 9  Militia/Mob in builders helmets with clubs or guns
MAF10 Lightly armed Military with guns
These figures are mostly dressed in modern western clothing and can be used in most conflicts
NEW 1/4800 Scale Warships at 40 p each
497 HMS Eagle Aircraft Carrier
498 HMS Unicorn Maintenance Aircraft Carrier
499 HMS Pretoria Escort Carrier
500 HMS Nairania Escort Carrier


New odds and ends  Sept 2011
1/4800 scale warships, new additions
501 Kuma/Sedrai light cruisers Jap 1941
502 Tenryui Light cruiser Jap 1941
503 Momi  DD              Jap
504 Mwikaze  DD          Jap
506 Kongo Maru Merc armed cruiser WW11
507 USS Pennsylvania  BB          WW2
508 USS New York BB                  WW2 
240 USS New York BB                  WW1
15mm figures
SED27 Improvised galloper gun and crew
SED28 light infantry gun and crew
Inuit 100 Killer attack dinosaur
Inuit 101 10 legged Polar bear and 'the head'
Inuit 102 Sledge and team with cannonballs and crew
Inuit 103 Sledge and team with cannon and crew
1/3000 ships
3282 Naturi class L/Cruiser
3232 Tenryu class L/Cruiser
3284 Farragut type DD X 2   WW2        50p
3286 Archimede Italian sub x2   WW2  50p
3287 S Class British sub x 2 WW2        50p
3288 Filippo Corridoni x1 Italian sub   50p
3289 Fluto, Italian sub x 2                     50p
3290 Navigatori class DD x2                 50p 
3291 Tonnes class DD x2                      50p


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