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These figures are priced at

£2.50p for 8 foot figures

or 4 mounted


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Postage and Packing

UK and BAOR 10% of order value or minimum of £3.00 postage 

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£3.00 minimum and may rise again



EU-  30% of order value or minimum of £5.00 postage


USA-Rest of the world  

The price of postage to America has doubled in the past couple of years.  I can not absorb this cost any more.

So mail to America is nowl 40% of order value but a minimum postal rate of £15 

Postage and Packing

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15mm Ancients

v = various poses

n/a = not available

Packs contain 8 foot or 4 mounted at £2.50 (unless marked otherwise)



Pre Dynastic/old kingdom       and     Middle Kngdom figures


3000-1543 BC Bk 1-2a b. 
Time of the Pyramid builders,
OKE 1 Foot Command  v
OKE 2 Bows
OKE 3 Spears, Early and Mid Kingdom
OKE 4 Blade, Axe and Long Shield
OKE 5 Javelin/Bowcaseman, Early and Mid kingdom
OKE 6 Chariot and Pharoah
OKE 7 Mid Kingdom Foot Command  v
OKE 8 Mid Kingdom, Long Shield and Club
OKE 9 Mid Kingdom, Short Shield and Axe
OKE10 Mid Kingdom Bowmen
OKE11 Mid Kingdom Light Infantry
OKE12 Early/Mid /NKE, Mixed Hoard / Rabble. v
Can be packed quite closely together to simulate a hoard gathered close together!


Bk 1- 2a b. Pre- to 1st Dynasty. Time of the Narmer and Scorpion . When Lower and Upper Archaic Egyptian tribes fought each other.
This was the 1st to about the 3th Dynasty.
The time of Narmer and Scorpian
3000 - 2680 BC
OKE 13 Bowman
OKE 14 Spearman with oval hide shield
OKE 15 Clubman with oval hide shield v
OKE 16 Spear, Knife and Stone Clubman v
OKE 17 Light Infantry, no shield

Pre Dynastic Egyptian forces

Nubian and Libyan

Enemies or allies of the Pre and Dynastic Egyptians 

OKE 18 Early Nubian Bowmen

OKE19 Early Nubian Spearmen and clubmen with shield

OKE21 Early Libyan spearmen 

OKE22 Early Libyan bowmen

OKE23 Small Reed Boat + crew

OKE24 Cart with 2 Oxen £3.00
OKE25 Plough with 2 Oxen and driver

OKE26 Large Papyrus boat and crew £3.00
OKE27 Large Papyrus boat with palm frond sail and crew £3.00
OKE28 L/Papyrus boat, mast and crew £3.00
Papyrus boat raiding party  £3.00
 Plough team                                   Libyan


New Kingdom infantry        and      Pharaoh's chariot
New additions 
OKE 38 Hippo

Male Hippo, which is non territorial on land but aggresive and very territorial in water  A nasty creature, the male of which the Egyptians would kill if they could The remains of tamed or captured Hippos have been found at a burial near Aswan dating to 3000 + Bc 

The North African Elephant and rider  can be used as a Nubian or Egyptian of the old and middle kingdom and a similar example to this was seen in bronxe (unprovinanced) at the Nubian museum in Aswan Egypt

OKE 34  Hippo battering ram or flank guard with palm fronds and logs as armour.  A nasty opponent! £3.00


OKE 38 Hippo £3.00

OKE 37 North African Elephant and load and/or used as battering ram.  Could be driven into or reversed into a gate or wall  £3.00

OKE North African Elephant with tree trunk armour or load.  Could be used in a siege?  £3.00

OKE 35 North African Elephant and rider.  Can be used as a Nubian, Libjan or Egyptian of the old and middle kingdom Paint the figure black or brown for the Nubian and Libjan or clay coloured for Egyptian  £3.00


OKE 27 Nubian bowmen x 8            £2.50

OKE 28  Nubian warband x 8           £2.50

OKE 41 Ancient Canaanite/Sryrian light cavalry x 4  £2.50

OKE 29 Syrian  Canaanite Bomen  x 8       £2.50

OKE 30 Canaanite bowmen x 8      £2.50


OKE 31  Syrian/Canaanite spearmen x 8    £2.50


OKE 32 Shasu Bedouin warriors x 8    £2.50


OKE 33 Sherden Warriors in Egyptian service x 8  £2.50

OKE 34 Eaerly/Mid Kingdom Egyptian warband

OKE 35 Canaanite / Syrian Chariot and crew £2.50






These figures are priced at

£2.50p for 8 foot figures

or 4 mounted

New Kingdon Egyptians
(Formerly Table Top Game range)

NKE01 Pharaoh's chariot
NKE02 Two horse chariot

NKE03 Light cavalry with bow

NKE04 Spearmen

NKE05 Axemen

NKE06 Archers

NKE07 Javelinmen

NKE08 Libyan Javelinmen

NKE09 Slingers
NKE10 Libyan Bows,
NKE11 Libyan swords and spears
Command group and (Minoan) priestess and New Kingdom
bow and spear

These figures are priced at

£2.50p for 8 foot figures

or 4 mounted

A small range (origin unknown?) of Old/Medium or
New Kingdom Egyptians
These figures are very slightly smaller than the former Tabletop
miniatures New Kingdom (above) and measure 14/15mm from
bottom of foot to the eye against 16/17mm for the Tabletop.  
(Essex/Minifigs similar). Nicely detailed and look good
Look good with the above Egyptiana and would be useful with
older smaller 'true' 15mm figures. 
Also look good as 'hoard'or as Psiloi


NKE 12 Bareheaded spearmen with long shields


NKE 13 Bareheaded with plume, spearmen with small shields

NKE 14 Bareheaded javelinmen with small shields

NKE 15 Bareheaded  bowmen

NKE 16 Bareheaded slingers



These figures are priced at

£2.50p for 8 foot figures

or 4 mounted

Sea People/Philistines

These were the invaders from the West who fought against Egypt and nearly destroyed the cultures of the Myceneans and the Hittites.
Can also be an ally of Egypt.

SEA01 Chariot 2 horse 2 crew (general)

SEA02 Chariot 2 horse 2 crew

SEA03 Cavalry with bow and shield
SEA04 Elite guard and swords etc   v
SEA05 Swordsmen    v

SEA06 Javelinmen
SEA07 Slingers

SEA08 Spearmen with round shield

SEA09 2 wheeled cart, 4 Oxen and crew £3.50

These figures are priced at

£2.50p for 8 foot figures

or 4 mounted



This covers the Hittite Empire 1380 to 1180 BC and
many other biblical period armies before and after! 

HIT02 Chariot 2 horse 3 crew (general

HIT04 Chariot 2 horse 3 crew

HIT05 Light horse with bow

HIT06 Spearmen with shield

HIT07 Javelins

HIT08 Archers

HIT09 Slingers

HIT10 Warband/Guard   v

HIT11 Spear/javelinmen no shield



These figures are priced at

£2.50p for 8 foot figures

or 4 mounted


Macedonian and

(Former Tabletop Games range)

Macedonians forces painted by Kev Ward

MAC01 Mounted generals

MAC02 Companion cavalry

MAC03 Prodromoi light cavalry

MAC04 Greek heavy cavalry

MAC05 Thessalian heavy cavalry

MAC06 Greek light cavalry

MAC07 Tarantine light cavalry

MAC08 Bactrian greek cavalry

MAC09 Bactrian greek light cavalry
MAC10 Iranian heavy lancer

MAC11 Arachosian light cavalry

MAC12 Parthian light cavalry

MAC13 Persian cavalry

MAC14 Elephant + 2 crew £3.00p

MAC14A Elephant, howdah + 2 crew and
General £3.00p
MAC14B Elephant howdah + 3 crew £3.00p

MAC15 Maccabean heavy cavalry

MAC16 Maccabean light cavalry

MAC17 Foot officiers

MAC18 Hypaspists

MAC19 Front rank pikemen

MAC20 Rear rank pikemen

MAC21 Seleucid pikemen

MAC22 Bactrian pikemen
MAC23 Greek hoplites
MAC24 Spartan hoplites
MAC25 Greek archers
MAC26 Greek slingers
MAC27 Greek javelinmen
MAC28 Peltasts with crescent shield
MAC29 Peltasts with round shield
MAC30 Thureophoroi
MAC31 Thracians with jevelins
MAC32 Thracians with romphaia
MAC33 Maccabean peltasts
MAC34 Maccabean javelinmen
MAC35 Maccabean archers
MAC36 Maccabean slingers
MAC37 Mountain indian archers
MAC38 Mountain indian spearmen
MAC39 North African elephant and rider  £3.00p

MAC40 North African elephant and howdah £3.00p

MAC41 Small elephant and howdah  £3.00
(Indian bows)
MAC42 Small elephant and howdah  £3.00(India)

MAC43 Small elephant and 3 riders  £3.00(India)

MAC44 Small elephant and riders  £3.00(Mac)
MAC45 Small elephant and howdah £3.00(Com)

MAC46 Small elephant with rider (Com) £3.00
MAC47 Indian 4 wheeled cart & crew, 2 Oxen
MAC48 Indian spearmen    v
MAC49 Indian bowmen
MAC 50
Macedonians painted by Kev Ward

These figures are priced at

£2.50p for 8 foot figures

or 4 mounted

(Former Tabletop Games range)

General 4 horse chariot       Med spearmen and
bows  £3.00

NAS01 Generals 4 horse chariot £3.00p

NAS02 4 horse chariot £3.00p

NAS03 Heavy cavalry, armoured horse, spear
and bow

NAS04 Heavy cavalry spear and bow

NAS05 Heavy cavalry bow

NAS06 Light/medium cavalry spear and bow

NAS07 Light/medium cavalry bow

NAS08 Foot guards with axe

NAS09 Heavy spearmen tower shield

NAS10 Medium spearmen round wicker shield

NAS11 Medium spearmen tower wicker shield
NAS12 Heavy archers

NAS13 Medium archers

NAS14 Slingers

NAS15 Old men and women etc (horde)  v

These figures are priced at

£2.50p for 8 foot figures

or 4 mounted

/Early Mycenaeans

These are the charioteers in Dendra armour
and foot armies with their distinctive
figure of eight shields. From the palace
cultures of Minoan Crete and Early Mycenaean

 These are the charioteers in Dendra armour
and foot armies with their distinctive
figure of eight shields or tower shields. From the palace cultures of Minoan Crete and
Early Mycenaean Greece.

MIN01 Chariot 2 horse 2 crew general

MIN02 Chariot 4 horse 3 crew general £3.00

MIN03 Chariot 2 horse 2 crew

MIN04 Chariot 2 horse 3 crew

MIN05 Foot with figure of eight shields

MIN06 Foot with crested shields

MIN07 Foot with no shields (rear rank)

MIN08 Light/spears with shields

MIN10 Line archers

MIN11 L/archers

MIN12 Javelinmen in quilted armour

MIN14 Libyan allies   v
MIN 15 Minoan Slinger
MIN 16 Minoan/Mycenean
females & preistesess x6

These figures are priced at

£2.50p for 8 foot figures

or 4 mounted


Troyan chariot
This is the time of the legendary hero.
When Homer wrote of War with Troy
and the great  men, such as Hector,
Achilles, Ajax Priam and Paris.
MYC1 Command     v
MYC2 Spearmen    v

MYC3 Javelin

MYC4 2 horse chariot & 2 crew       v
MYC5 Spear heavy shield

MYC6 Foot Command Troy  v

MYC7 Foot Command Achean  v

MYC8 Spearmen (Troy/Achean)

MYC9 Spearmen figure 8 shield

MYC10 Spear/Javelin cresent shield

MYC11 Light Cavalry/Scouts

MYC12 Light Infantry

MYC13 Archer
Mycenean and Troyan standard bearers and officer
Geometric Greek swordsmen

These figures are priced at

£2.50p for 8 foot figures

or 4 mounted


GG 1 Chariot & Crew (extended rear)
GG 2 Chariot & Crew
GG 3 Spearmen in Greek Helmets
GG 4 Swordsmen in Greek Helmets
GG 5 Spearmen and swordsmen in Boar Tooth Helmets
GG 6 Light Infantry in Boar Tooth Helmets
GG 7 Peltasts in Greek Helmets
GG 8 Cavalry advancing in Greek Helmets
GG 9 Cavalry in Sythian caps with bows
GG 10 Light Cavalry with shield
GG 11 Early Dendra Armoured foot
GG 12 Thracian type heavy Cavalry with spear or sword
GG 13 Thracian type peltast with spear


These figures are priced at

£2.50p for 8 foot figures

or 4 mounted


1000-680BC 1/33
UMBRIAN 650-290 BC 1/55
Late Bronze/Early Iron Age
Tribal Italians with Greek Influence
VIL 1 Light Chariot 2 horse 1 crew
VIL 2 Light Cavalry
VIL 3 Spearmen Swordsmen with round shields
VIL 4 Auxilia with oval shields, spears and axes
VIL 5 Light infantry with Javelin and Bows
VIL 6 Later Spearman, Greek ‘hoplon’
VIL 7 Etruscan Heavy Infantry 7-6TH c BC
VIL 8 Tarquinia 1st class warrior 5-4th c BC
VIL 9 Vil / Italian / Etruscan bowman
VIL10 General in chariot N/A
VIL11 Hoplite south Etruscan 6-3RD c BC
VIL12 Etruscan Axeman light Infantry etc
VIL15 Campanian medium cavalry 4-1st c BC
VIL16 Light Cavalry 6-1st c BC
VIL17 Samnite Heavy infantry 4-2nd c BC
VIL18 Siracusan Hoplite 5-3rd c BC
VIL19 Light infantry running with javelin
VIL20 Vil/Italian/ Etruscan light infantry Psiloi
VIL21 Vil/Italian/ Etruscan light infantry Slinger
Early Romans/ Latins or Hill tribes of Italy
LAT 1 Heavy Cavalry, sword shield & helmet
LAT 2 Light Cavalry spear and shield
LAT 3 Heavy Spearmen/sword with shield and helmet v
Bowmwn, slingers chariots can be used from
other similar ranges, such as above 

These figures are priced at

£2.50p for 8 foot figures

or 4 mounted


Romans and Persian
/Roman & Auxilia
NEW to me?
A small range (origin unknown?) of Roman and
Persian/Roman Auxilia These figures are slightly
smaller than the former Tabletop miniatures
and measure 14/15mm from bottom of foot
to the eye against 16/17mm for the Tabletop
figures (Essex/Minifigs similar). Nicely detailed
and look good Would be useful with older
smaller 'true' 15mm figures
Roman 1 Foot Command x 8
Roman 2 Foot advancing x 8 (seperate shields)
Roman 3 Foot standing x 8   (seperate shields)
Roman 4 Foot Auxilia  x 8 (various)
Roman 5 Cavalry Command galloping x 4
Roman 6 Roman Cavalry galloping x 4
Roman 7 Cavalry standing x 4
Roman 8 Cavalry standing x 4
Roman 9 Roman Auxilia Cavalry x 4
Persian 1 Cavalry, Fully armoured with lance x 4
Persian 2 Cavalry, half armoured with spear x 4
Persian 3 Light cavalry with spear
Persian 4 
Persian 5 Elephant and Howdah  £2.50
Roman Command ,  Legionaries and Auxilia (seperate shields)
Roman Cavalry, Auxilia and Persian/RomanAuxilia Cataphats

These figures are priced at

£2.50p for 8 foot figures

or 4 mounted

Gladiators and the 
Slave wars

GLAD1 Assorted gladiators (seperate weapons)

GLAD2 Assorted gladiators (weapons attached)

GLAD3 Gladiators (Roman shields, close order) v

GLAD4 Gladiators (Roman shields, Skirmishing) v

GLAD5 Gladiators (small round shields)  v

GLAD6 Female gladiators and
slaves (Roman helmet and armour)   v

GLAD7 Gladiator mounted command  v
GLAD8 Foot Command  v
GLAD9 Poorly equiped slaves, shephards/ herder
Glad 10 Roman Soldier or rebel with shield
and pilum.

These figures are priced at

£2.50p for 8 foot figures

or 4 mounted

Cypriot and
1000 - 332BC

Cypriot inter city tribal warfare, and against
Myceanaean's, Sea People (see Egyptian page),
Dorian Greeks, and Phoenicians.
Also Phoenician / Cypriot in support of Assyria,
Saitic Egypt and for and against Persia

CYP1 Heavy chariot 4 horses 3 crew   £2.50p
CYP2 Light chariot, 2 horse and 2 crew
CYP3 Light cavalry
CYP4 Warriors/spearmen
CYP5 Spearmen
CYP6 Light javelinmen
CYP7 Bowmen

These figures are priced at

£2.50p for 8 foot figures

or 4 mounted

Circa 1000 BC - 100BC
(Use Villanonovian lists)
Tribal Warriors and Pirates that fought amongst
themselves and also against the tribes of the
Italian mainland
They lived in communial stone tower communities
and wore bronze armour and many had helmets
with plumes on
Sard 1 Warriors/Warband/Auxilia
withsword or spear   v
Sard 2 Bowmen
Sard 3 Chariot , 2 horse and 2 crew
Sard 4 Small boat and crew        N/A

These figures are priced at

£2.50p for 8 foot figures

or 4 mounted

£2.50per pack
These are one of my oldest ranges and were designed by a
different sculptor to who I now use.  Detail is
lighter than one some of my later ranges and the
figures more slender.  Paint up well though
Iron Age era 700BC-43AD
Based on figures on the Gundestrup Cauldron
from the Iron Age. Wearing distinctive ‘cycle shorts’
type trousers
GC 1 Chieftains and Hornblowers
GC 2 Cavalry with, spear or sword  v
GC 3 Warriors with spears and shields    v
G C 4 Young Warriors with slings and javelins
GC 5 Spearmen without shields, Old Men
and Woman, Hoard.    v
GC 6 warrior in chainmail with spears 
GC 7 Warriors with spears only

These figures are priced at

£2.50p for 8 foot figures

or 4 mounted



European Neolithic, Early Bronze,
Late Bronze and Early Iron Ages peoples
circa 2000-701BC
NB 1 Foot Command    v
NB 2 Swordsmen Warriors       v
NB 3 Spearmen Warriors         v
NB 4 Bowmen             v
NB 5 Horsemen with shields and spears
NB 6 Chariot, 2 horse, 2 crew
NB 6a Chariot, 2 horse, Female & 1 crew
Early Northern Barbarians,
Neolithic and Early Bronze Age people
5000-2000 BC
NB 7 Bowmen with and without shields       v
NB 8 Bowman Command, leaders and Warband       v
NB 9 Late Bronze/Iron Age Celts assorted    v
NB10 Small Dugout Boat and two crew
NB 12 Celtic leather boat and six crew £3.50

These figures are priced at

£2.50p for 8 foot figures

or 4 mounted

Inhabitants of Canada and Greenland. Also can be used
as winter dressed Indians and Palaeolithic / Neolithic tribes
circa 100,000 BC to 3000BC DBA 800-16OOAD
INUIT 1 Shaman command and Warband      v
INUIT 2 Bowmen
INUIT 3 Sledge, 3 dogs and 2 crew
INUIT 4 2 x Kayaks (2 different crew)
INUIT 5 Sledge, horse, husky dog and 3 crew
INUIT 6 Slingers
INUIT 7 Inuits with firearms
INUIT 8 3x Polar/Brown bears (new design
INUIT 8a 3 x Polar Bears (old design)
INUIT 9 Large Rhino £3.00
INUIT10 Mammoth       £3.00
INUIT11 8 x Hushey dogs
INUIT12 8 x Shaman
INUIT13 Mamoth with log and riders £3.00
Many more on Ice Age page!!

These figures are priced at

£2.50p for 8 foot figures

or 4 mounted

Can be used for a variety of Foot Indian Tribes
Ice Age & Circa (DBA)800 to 1600 AD
AI 1 Warband (separate weapons)      v
AI 2 Bowmen
AI 3 Command & Warband       v
AI 4 Indians with firearms

These figures are priced at

£2.50p for 8 foot figures

or 4 mounted

Native New Zealanders Circa 1000-1880 AD
Can also be used as native Guanches from
the Canary Islands
MO 1 Early Command       v
MO 2 Warband                 v
MO 3 Firearms and Shotguns
MO 4 Later Firearms Command
MO 5 British Colonial Infantry officer and
advancing infantry man with firearms
MO 6 British Colonial infantryman firing
MO 7 Colonial militia/settlers ( 2 types )
MO 8 Colonial militia/settlers firing

These figures are priced at

£2.50p for 8 foot figures

or 4 mounted

Native inhabitants of Polynesia
HAW 1 Warriors  
HAW 2 Pikemen
HAW 3 Skirmishers  
HAW 4 Outrigger boat with sail and crew £2.50
HAW 5 Outrigger boat and 2 crew     £2.50





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