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Therapeutic Massage - Discontinued

Indian Head and/or Back, Neck and Shoulder

Massage is an instinctive act for relieving pain and discomfort, and for invigorating or calming the body and in turn the mind. It stimulates positive changes within the body, aiding in its own healing abilities.

When we reduce accumulated tension in our muscles we can expect to suffer less from stress and headaches, as we are more relaxed.

By strengthening our immune and hormonal systems we more able to fight off infection, and by supporting the body's cleansing processes (kidneys, bowel, sweat glands) we can release toxins & waste products from our bodies more readily. It is these toxins that can make us feel “under the weather.”

Aromatherapy Massage Discontinued

Using gentler massage techniques to that of Therapeutic / Swedish Massage, the properties of essential oils assist the body’s own natural healing processes to enhance well-being.

Body Work Reactions

After any treatment it is advisable to drink plenty of water, helping to flush out any toxins released (food additives, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, etc). Keeping the body hydrated reduces many ailments including headaches.

After a treatment, cleansing reactions may be increased - perspiration, sneezing etc. - all good signs indicating the flushing of toxins. You may feel tired and/or achy for a day or two, a positive sign that the body is eliminating toxins & achieving homeostasis (a balance of energy within the body).

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