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Supplements, other Families and Appendices

We have included some Supplements to add more information that we have about som CLAYs; we also have added some notes about other families that are connected more than just once to the CLA Family; and we have also included some Appendices that provide some back ground information.  Links to these additional pages are included where relevant in the text, so there should not be a need to visit this Page.

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Supplement 1 - Staffs Yeomanry in the Boer War
Supplement 2 – John Harden Clay Obituary in The Times 3rd November 1923
Supplement 3 - Gerard Clay's Poetry
Supplement 4 - Charles John Clay Obituary in the Derby Mercury
Supplement 5 - Boden - Clay Marriageage
Supplement 6 - Douglas Carruthers
Supplement 7 - Betty Clay Obituary
Supplement 8 - Betty Clay Mourners


Family 1 - Robinson & Hastings
Family 2 - Baskerville-Mynors
Family 3 - Bott
Family 4 - Press


Appendix A - Brewing in Burton
Appendix B - Banking in Burton
Appendix C - Banking
Appendix D - The Gurney Bank Collapse
Appendix E - Kelly's Handbook 1937
Appendix F - 1940 The Battle of Calais
Appendix G - 1973 Oil Crisis & Miners' Strike
Appendix H - 1973 3-day Week
Appendix I - 1984 Miners' Strike






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