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List of CLAYs

Here is a list of all CLAYs on this WebSite (I think !).

All sons and daughters born with the surname CLAY.

Sons have their own pages, but daughters entries are on their fathers' pages.

Those in the list below still in black (including all CLAYs now living) are not yet Linked to a page.

Clay, (Adelaide) Hilda
Clay, (Alexander John) "Beetle"
Clay, (Arthur John Mackenzie) "Mac"
Clay, (Caroline Elizabeth) "Carrie"
Clay, (Charles John Jervis) Charlie
Clay, (Evelyn Agnes) "Evie"
Clay, (Henry Anthony) Patrick
Clay, (Henry) Hastings
Clay, (Hester) Frances Bonham
Clay, (John Charles) "Johnny"
Clay, (John) Owen
Clay, (Joseph) Bonham
Clay, (Marjorie Joan) "Daw"
Clay, (Mary Arden) "Molly"
Clay, (Mary) Jane
Clay, (William Leigh Strudwick) Bill
Clay, Agnes (Margaret)
Clay, Alice (Jessie)
Clay, Alison
Clay, Andrew Gerard
Clay, Ann
Clay, Ann (Lucilla)
Clay, Ann Barry
Clay, Ann(1)
Clay, Ann(2)
Clay, Annabel (Charlotte Mary)
Clay, Annarella (Violet)
Clay, Ant(hony Charles Douglas)
Clay, Ant(hony John)
Clay, Anthony (Charles)
Clay, Anthony Hastings
Clay, Arthur (Joseph)
Clay, Arundel
Clay, Bertha (Florence)
Clay, Beryl (Margaret)
Clay, Bridget (Margaret)
Clay, Caroline
Clay, Catherine Anne
Clay, Cecil Buchanan
Clay, Charles James
Clay, Charles John
Clay, Charles Joseph
Clay, Charles Leigh
Clay, Christopher
Clay, Constance (Josephine)
Clay, Crispin (David Powell)
Clay, Daphne (St Clair)
Clay, Diana
Clay, Diana(1)
Clay, Doris Muriel
Clay, Dorothy
Clay, Edith Louisa
Clay, Eileen
Clay, Elizabeth
Clay, Elizabeth (Jane)
Clay, Elizabeth Mildred
Clay, Elizabeth Sarah
Clay, Elizabeth(1)
Clay, Elizabeth(2)
Clay, Elizabeth(3)
Clay, Elizabeth(4)
Clay, Ellen or Eleanor
Clay, Emily (Jane)
Clay, Eric (Ernest)
Clay, Ernest (Charles)
Clay, Ethel (Agnes)
Clay, Eveline (Ellen)
Clay, Fiona
Clay, Frances
Clay, Francis Hutchinson
Clay, Fraser
Clay, Frederic Harden ("Hardie")
Clay, George
Clay, George(1)
Clay, Gerard (Arden)
Clay, Gerard Leigh ("Peter")
Clay, Gervas (Charles Robert)
Clay, Gill(ian Ella St. Clair)
Clay, Gladys (Margaret)
Clay, Glynne (Herbert Charles)
Clay, Gordon
Clay, Harold (Bonham)
Clay, Helen (Rachel)
Clay, Henry
Clay, Henry Arthur
Clay, Henry Charles Hastings
Clay, Henry Owen Rickards Hastings
Clay, Henry(1)
Clay, Herbert Henry Spender
Clay, Ian
Clay, Isabel
Clay, James Alfred
Clay, Jane
Clay, Jennifer (Bridget)
Clay, Jeremy Arden
Clay, Jeremy Peter Foster
Clay, Jessie Caroline
Clay, Joan
Clay, Joan(1)
Clay, John (Alexander)
Clay, John (Bonham)
Clay, Jonathan (Arden)
Clay, Joseph
Clay, Joseph III
Clay, Joseph Spender
Clay, Joseph the middle
Clay, Joseph(1)
Clay, Juliet
Clay, Katherine "Kay"
Clay, Lucy
Clay, Mabel (Elizabeth)
Clay, Mabel Edith Mary
Clay, Margaret Ann
Clay, Martha
Clay, Mary
Clay, Mary (Evelyn)
Clay, Mary Ann
Clay, Mary Ann(1)
Clay, Mary(1)
Clay, Michael (Henry)
Clay, Michael (John)
Clay, Miriam
Clay, Moira
Clay, Morag
Clay, Muriel (Agnes)
Clay, Nicola (Olivia)
Clay, Noel Irene
Clay, Peter (Arden)
Clay, Peter Robert
Clay, Philip Hutchinson
Clay, Phyllis Irene
Clay, Phyllis Mary
Clay, Prudence
Clay, Rachel Pauline
Clay, Ralph (Arden)
Clay, Rawley (Charles Leigh)
Clay, Rev. John
Clay, Rev. John Harden
Clay, Rev. Joseph
Clay, Richard
Clay, Richard (Henry Arden)
Clay, Richard John
Clay, Richard Leigh
Clay, Richard(1)
Clay, Ro(semary Arden)
Clay, Rob(ert Gerard)
Clay, Robert
Clay, Robin (Baden)
Clay, Robin Ivor
Clay, Rotha Mary
Clay, Samuel
Clay, Sarah
Clay, Sarah Alice
Clay, Sarah Hall
Clay, Sarah Hallam Barry
Clay, Sarah(1)
Clay, Sybil Gwendoline
Clay, Thomas
Clay, Thomas (Anthony)
Clay, Thomas(1)
Clay, Thomas(2)
Clay, Thomas(3)
Clay, Toby (Charles de Candole)

Clay, Twin daughter (stillborn)
Clay, Violet (Sybil Blanche)
Clay, Wilfrid (Henry)
Clay, William
Clay, Winifred (Ruth)

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