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Other CLAY Families

Of course there are "other" CLAY Families, for the surname is not unique.

Surnames came into use gradually -
Sometimes a person would be referred to as the son of someone, hence the names Stevenson, Robertson, Johnson, etc.
Sometimes by the person's trade - Baker, Butcher, Clark, Wainwright, Smith
Sometimes by the person's location - Hill, Dale, Marsh
And doubtless the surname CLAY arose similarly.

These surnames would have sprung up independently all over the country, so - just because someone shares your name does not mean they are related at all.  Though they might be !

Another(?) Clay family is very well documented here. That family also has Derbyshire connections, so might well be related, before "our" record on this WebSite - which does not start until Jospeh of Merrybower, who was married in 1682.  He was probably born around 1660, but we do not know where.

Our Joseph had a son Joseph baptised in Barrow in 1688.

That other WebSite records a Joseph Junior having a son Joseph baptised in St. Werburgh, Derby, in 1690. 

And on that same Page are these tantalising consecutive entries:-

1695. The Will of William Clay of St. Werburgh parish. Derby, brick maker. Wife - Margery. Sons- William Clay, Joseph Clay, Samuel Clay. (Lichfield Record Office).
1695. The Will of Joseph Clay of Derby, brick maker. Wife - Elizabeth. Sons - William Clay and Joseph Clay. Brother -William Clay, his father William Clay left him land in Derby. (Lichfield Record Office).

Joseph was a brick maker, and had a brother William - was this the preceding William ?   Or - was the preceding William actually Joseph's father ?

Both Joseph and William had sons named William and Joseph !

And at the very bottom of that WebPage appear these entries - definitely "ours" : -

Barrow on Trent. South of Derby.
Joseph Clay of Merry Bower. Husbandman had children baptised.-
       Miriam 1682,
       Sarah 1683,
       Mary 1685,
       Joseph 1688,
       Thomas 1698.
He was married twice, first to Miriam and - after she died - to Elizabeth Gibson/ Gybson [spellomg wasn't important then !]. He was buried at Barrow on Trent in 1728.
His descendants became wealthy brewers and bankers at Burton upon Tent and eventually his descendant Rachael Pauline Spender Clay born 1907 married in 1929 to Sir David Bowes-Lyon, the brother of the Queen Mother and became her sister in law. Rachel's children are cousins to the present Queen Elizabeth. (Ref.- Spender Clay Lineage).
1861 Census. Foremark. Derbyshire.
Foremark Hall.
Henry Clay  age 64  Banker and JP.   Born  Burton upon Trent.
Elizabeth Clay age 61 Wife                   "      Sandhills. Lancashire.
Henry         "       "   35 Son unmarried  Barrister  Born Burton upon Trent.
Joseph Spender Clay age 34 Son unmarried Brewer  Born Burton upon Trent.
Charles John         "      "    32   "       "       "    Barrister   "        "          "        "
Emily Jane             "      "    27 Daughter unmarried        "        "          "        "
Caroline Elizabeth Mynors age 30 Daughter married     "        "          "        "
Walter Baskerville Mynors  "    34 Son in Law Rector and JP.  Born Old Radnor.
Arthur Baskerville Mynors  "    3  Grandson        Born Langstone.
Evelyn Baskerville Mynors  "    0  Grandaughter    "           "
15 Servants.

Another Clay family is very well documented from here forwards in time from about 1770, from Scotland to Canada.

And there is an artist, John Clay, 1796–1858

If you are "on FaceBook", there is a Group called Clay Surname Research, which has mentions of all SORTS of CLAYs !
For example - DEFINITELY NOT part of OUR fanmily -
Of course not !

York Assizes built in 1773. -- At York Assizes in 1833 Jessie Clay age 35 sentenced to Life Transportation to New South Wales. Australia for cattle stealing. At York Assizes in 1833 Mary Clay sentenced to 14 years Transportation to Van Diemans Land for bigamy.

At York Assizes in 1845 Lydia Clay born 1810 at Huddersfield sentenced to 10 years to Van Diemans Land for robbery, stealing £20 had a previous conviction of 12 months gaol for stealing money.

(1841 census at Huddersfield Lydia Clay age 30 lodger with Whitehead family.)

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