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12331121 Johnnie 1898-1973

(John Charles) "Johnnie" Clay, was born on 18 March 1898 in Bonvilston, Glamorgan, the eldest son of Charles Leigh Clay and Margaret Amelie Press.

Census: 1901 at Great House, Bonvilston, Glamorganshire
Census: 1911 at Rosehill School, Park Road, Banstead, Surrey

He was educated at Winchester. 

Johnnie was a J.P. and Deputy Lieutenant for Glamorgan.  During the First War (which started when he was 16) he was a Lt. in the Royal Artillery, and served in France.  He was married aged 30, on 11 April 1928 in Cowbridge, Glamorgan, to (Gwenllian) Mary Homfray, aged 23.  They had three sons :-

(Michael John) “Mike”                 was born on 23 July 1929.

Glynne (Herbert Charles) "Chum"   was born on 5 April 1931.

(William Leigh Strudwick) "Bill"    was born on 18 September 1933.

Johnnie played cricket for England, and was Captain of the South Glamorgan Cricket Club for several years in the 1920's & in other years if no other captain was available. He was also captain in the first year after the war (1947). 

In the Second World War he was a Major in the Royal Artillery, but on account of his age (41 at the outbreak) he only served in the UK.  Johnny died on 11 August 1973 at the age of 75, and is buried in the churchyard at St Hilary.  The monument includes a cricket ball.


(Gwenllian) Mary Homfray,

Mary was born on 25 February 1905 in Penlyn Castle, the youngest of six children and the younger daughter of Col. Herbert Richard Homfray (1865-1940) and his wife, Blanche Jessie Homfray nee Williams (1868-1947), the daughter of  d. of Charles Henry Williams, of Roath Court, Glamorganshire., of Roath Court, Glamorganshire.

Mary was 23 when she married.  She died 28th July, 2004, and was buried in the churchyard at St Hilary.


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