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Cameronians (Scottish Rifles).


This web site has been set up to display selections of pictures taken over the years of my late fathers service with the Cameronians Regiment.

My father James Torrance served from 1959 till 1965. The pages show selections of pictures from Kenya, West Germany and Scotland. 

Some of the pictures are shown on other sites of the Regiments and friends, a link is given to allow yourself to follow on from this site.

​As time has went on I've added other pages of Cameronian and other pieces which will bring interest to those browsing.

Please enjoy browsing and thanks, Douglas.


As of next week 29th april there will be wet paint around the cairn also due to the badge being mounted on the gate which is being removed there will be NO ACCESS to the cairn which will be blocked off to stop livestock entering the site APOLOGIES TO ANYONE WHO HAS PLANNED A VISIT TO THE CAIRN BUT IT IS NECESSARY TO AVOID DAMAGE




Cameronian Day 2019.

May the 14th is Cameronian day, a day of rememberance of the Regiment, this year coming Cameronian Sunday will be on the 12th of May, this being the nearest Sunday to the 14th, updates on the day are given via the website.




Yesterday 10 April final preperations were put in place for the 50th aniversary of the disbandment thanks to the Royal Regiment of Scotland for their co operation in this for those attending the cairn please note that there will be traffic restrictions in place from 13 15 hrs please be at the cairn brfore this time due to parade that will follow the disbandment route anyone wishing or thinks they are capable of parading the route or part thereof please contact me by ASAP 

Parade route as follows
Addison drive 1300 for 13.15 March off
Main St
Blue tower
Crabtree st
Main St
Enter Douglas and Angus Estate to proceed to cairn 13 50 approx

It is hoped that forces personnel will participate in the parade

Thanks to everyone who has supported this event also thank you for your cooperation on the above restrictions

Each year on the 14th of May the regimental flag is flown at Edinburgh Castle and Cameronian day recognized by all Scottish regiments.

The day will start in the village of Douglas South Lanarkshire the Regimental flag is raised at 9 30 am in the village bowling green. 10 am is the Church Service in St Brides Church.

Refreshments in the St Brides community centre, teas, cakes, soups.

2 pm is the Conventicle by the Regimental Cairn in the Grounds of the douglas and Angus Estates.

Pictures on link index.asp?pageid=611505


Neuve Chapelle Day Service Cameronians Glasgow Cathedral.

17th of March 2019, Meet up by 10 30 hours for service at 11 hours.

Wrap up warm and safe trip whilst travelling.

Members attend their local memorials as well as attending across country, well done to all.

6th July, Covenanters Prison Greyfriars Conventicle 12 30 form up, far corner of churchyard.

Friday 26th October. Low Parks Museum 12 noon service at Dutch thank you memorial to 52nd Division.


Message from Raymond Kelly, 

Can anyone help, I am trying to get in touch with any men of the 1st. Battalion Cameronians who served in Malaya, for a meeting to talk over old times with the regiment.

Raymond has created a website of pictures from the Malaya years, mainly thanks to the photograph collection of Ian Scott.




Memorial service to Lcpl Peter O'Hare 9 October 2018.













Winston barracks family history stories.

Can anyone help Eleanor MacLean who was a guest at our last meeting with family interest stories regarding Winston Barracks. I've asked her to forward a picture of her cousins wedding for us.

Morning Douglas

Just a wee email to keep in contact after meeting you yesterday afternoon.

I enjoyed our visit and it seems a great sociable afternoon you all share, and I certainly enjoyed it as a visitor.

I hope you can help me to try and get some stories attached to the Cameronians and the Royal Burgh... I heard yesterday that they used to go dancing at the Loch Palais and Memorial Hall (locally known as the Memo dancing!!!!) and if they missed the last bus they had to walk to Winston Barracks.

So wee stories/memories/photos would be great.


Eleanor McLean

I have been gleaning info from local people re when the Cameronians were based in Lanark, fab bits & pieces I have heard!

I would have liked a local wedding photo for my leaflet, and I have come across a wedding photo of my cousin who married a guy based at Winston Barracks.

I cant see his badge on his shoulder, and he isn't wearing a hat... is there any way you could find out if it was the Cameronians he was in?

His name was Alec Holden, and he originally came from the Wigan area.



7th btn Conroe Perth WW2.


Thanks to Douglas McCreath for his dad's pictures pre Walchern 1944.


Kenya Pictures.

Help please with names on this page? Slowly being added to.


Pipe Society Anam Cara.








Friends and Families Association, Meeting.

The next meeting of the Association is being held on Sunday 4th August at 2pm. Venue is the Tannochside Olde Club, Old Edinburgh Road, Tannochside, Uddingston. All welcome for an afternoon of chat.

Cameronian Day 2019.

Sunday 12th May Village of Douglas 9 30 hours flag raise, 14 00 hours service at Cairn.



When is a Rifleman not a Rifleman?

When his name as a casualty is listed on many war memorials and the CWGC stones and lists.

Any help please to find out why? On behalf of Richard Fowler many thanks.

Pre 1920's all soldiers were Private. King George V allowed thereafter Rifle Regiments have Riflemen, Guard Regiments have Guardsmen.



7th Battallion Colours Fenwick Church.

Does anyone have any information regarding the colours of the 7th Battalion. The colours at present are in Fenwick Church East Ayrshire. The colours have eight thistle heads instead of ten? The church being in Covenanting country.

John Arthur Ramsay 2197248.

On behalf of a friend Alma Ramsay. Her father John served with the regiment second war era. He was born 22/5/1917 at 4 Blackburn St Liverpool. He was then in Shaw street boys home till age 14 then onto 79 Atheldene Rd, Walton.

Alma has not much in the way of her fathers time in the regiment. Any tips or information would be greatly recieved.


David Young Regimental Band.

David Young Regimental Bandsman is trying to contact any former members of the Cameronians band for a good old blether now he is semi retired. David is in Aberdeen but only a call or email away!


KOSB Training Sergeant Alex Donaldson.

Trying trace from Glencorse 1967 on behalf of some Borderers  who would like contact him.

Robert Steven.

​Jim Steven of Peebles is asking if anyone remembers serving with his late Dad Robbie or Boab. He served from 1959 -1968 as Corporal. Originated from Dolphinton  and playing Scrum Half at Rugby.


National Service by Raymond Kelly..

A link to a site by a great friend who has written his story of his time with the Cameronians doing his two years National Service in Malaya.



Durham Light Infantry Museum.

Durham County Council are in the process of closing the Museum run by themselves which continues the memory of this famous regiment.

This is the link to a Facebook group of followers who oppose this.




A short video of a walk around the Cairn at Douglas on a miserable day December 2015. 



Jordan and Kenya pictures courtesy Alex Maxwell.



A link to a video clip of the Regiments Disbandment 1968.


Malaya 1950 to 1953, thanks to Raymond Kelly for collating.


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