Technical Requirements

To edit your Spanglefish site you'll need an internet connection, and

  • A current Windows PC with Internet Explorer (v10 recommended) or Mozilla Firefox, or Safari, or Google Chrome.
  • An ‘OSX’ Apple Mac with Mozilla Firefox, or Safari, or Google Chrome.
  • A Linux PC with Mozilla Firefox

Note: These are the editing requirements only. Spanglefish sites are viewable correctly in all current browsers on all major computer platforms.

Online Editing - no special software needed!

Spanglefish is an on-line editing system where the changes you make are reflected immediately on your site. You do not need any web programming software such as Dreamweaver on your computer to use your Spanglefish admin system. Everything is done through your standard web browser - Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or Firefox (Firefox recommended).

Other Requirements

Some basic proficiency in using computers is required. For the purposes of this manual we have assumed that you know how to navigate your computer’s file system, can edit text in a word processor such as MS Word or Pages, are familiar with copying and pasting between documents, and that you know how to view web pages in your web browser.

If you aren’t confident in undertaking basic computer operations then we recommend that you enroll in some computer classes before trying to set up or edit a Spanglefish site. We cannot, and do not, provide advice or support on how to use your computer.

Password Security

You edit your Spanglefish web site by ‘logging in’ to a password-protected on-line editing system. This ensures that no-one else can edit your site, so please keep your password secure.

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