'Module' Pages

As well as 'standard' editable pages where you can add text and images, Spanglefish also includes special 'ready-rolled' Module pages which provide specific functionality. These have been designed to help you manage and display complex information or services, and benefit from automatic formatting which presents it in a neat and orderly fashion.

Special Module pages include:

News - a page which lets you publish news stories with titles, dates and descriptions, and have them automatically listed and archived chronologically. Learn more >>

Feedback Form - a ready-built feedback form which can provide a nicely formatted 'Contact' page on your site. Learn more >>

Links - sometimes lots of links scattered across your site can look a bit messy. This module page lets you add, organise and display categories of links neatly on a single page. Learn more >>

Document Library - a handy store for documents such as forms, menus, leaflets, etc, in Word or PDF format. This facility lets you upload and manage documents in different formats, and you can then easily provide links to them so your visitors can download them. Learn more >>

Blog - A Blog is web diary that allows you to write periodic articles or essays online and have them automatically stored and chronologically displayed for you. It also lets your users add responses which you can moderate. Learn more >>

Newsletter - lets your users subscribe (and unsubscribe) to your site contact database, which you can use later when sending our mailshots or e-newsletters. Learn more >>

Map - lets you use an embedded Google Map to show your location and provide travel directions. Learn more >>

Classifieds - lets you add and manage a formatted page of small-ads. Learn more >>

Guestbook - lets your users leave testimonials or comments which can be displayed chronologically on this page. Learn more >>

Members - if your site is used to represent a club or committee, this page lets you add and manage member profiles including contact information. Learn more >>

Calendar - a handy facility for adding a formatted grid or list of forthcoming events or date-specific information. Learn more >>

Availability - a handy facility for small accommodation or event providers, letting you easily manage and display a table of availability information. Learn more >>

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