Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upload a file to my site to verify it in order to use Google's Webmaster Tools?

No, we don't allow you to upload files to the root folder of your site. However, you can use another method of verification by adding a Meta Tag.

Go to Site Settings --> Search Engines etc --> Meta Tags. Pay careful attention to the instructions on that page. The Meta Tag gets added in two parts rather than just pasting in all of the code Google gives you.

The same facility will work to verify the site with Bing or Yahoo! You can find a video tutorial by Dompod here.

How do I hand over my site to someone else?

If you have set up a site for a sports club or a community council for instance, you may wish to hand it over to someone else when you leave. That's easy to do, as technically Spanglefish sites don't have owners, just administrators.

So go to Site Settings --> Administrators and set the new person up as a level 1 administrator. Then delete your own account. You'll find you can no longer log in. Give the new administrator their password - they can then change it when they log in by going to Site Settings --> Your Details.

How do I delete my site?

If you're sure you don't need your website any more, deleting it is easy. Go to

Site Settings --> Delete Website

which is the button at the bottom of the list. Follow the instructions. Note that the site isn't deleted immediately. We check each one to make sure it's not a mistake.

Can I link directly to a single FAQ?

Yes. When you're logged in, go to the FAQ page where you should see a Link button beside each question.

Clicking that link will take you to a page which only shows that one FAQ, and does so with the answer open. You can copy the link from the address bar of your browser to send in an email or link to from another page.

How do I control who gets reminder emails about Gold status?

If you have a Gold site which you pay for annually, our system will send out an automatic reminder email around 3 weeks before your Gold status is about to expire, and then another notification when it does expire.

These emails get sent to all Level 1 administrators on your site, as long as they have an email address associated with their admin account.

To control who receives the emails, you can delete level 1 administrators or simply remove the email addresses of any who you don't want bothered with the reminders.

Go to Site Settings --> Manage Administrators.

I seem to have paid twice. What should I do?

You can pay by setting up a recurring payment on Paypal. Sometimes people forget they've done this, and pay again the next year on top of the automatic payment taken by Paypal. If this happens to you, please contact payments@spanglefish.com and we'll sort it out.

Why are my pictures the wrong way round?

When you take a picture with a mobile phone or digital camera the image file created (usually a jpg) has some data stored in it, including the orientation of the camera when the picture was taken.

That way it's usually possible for programs using the jpg to tell which way is 'up'.

This causes us a problem though. For instance, you take a photo with your phone and transfer it to your computer. You open it up in (for instance) Microsoft Photo Viewer.

The program sees the EXIF data, knows which way is up, and rotates the picture it shows you so that it looks the right way up.

HOWEVER, just because the program SHOWS you the image the right way up doesn't mean that it changes the original file at all. The original file still has the image on its side.

You then upload the original file to Spanglefish thinking it should be the right way up, but our system doesn't read the EXIF data and doesn't know which way 'up' might be, so the version of the image you see on Spanglefish is on its side.

At the moment, we haven't built in a facility to rotate an image after it's been uploaded to Spanglefish. It is something which some people would clearly find useful, so we'll bear it in mind.

For now you need to rotate the images on your device before uploading them. For that you'll need some sort of image manipulation software. There are various free ones such as http://www.irfanview.com/ available.