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   Abbey, Margaret (1971) The Crowned Boar

   Abbey, Margaret (1971) The Son of York

   Abbey, Margaret (1971) The Warwick Heiress

   Abbey, Margaret (1993) Blood of the Boar

   Allison-Williams, J. (1981) Cry 'God for Richard'

   Anand, Valerie (1989)  Crown of Roses

   Ashworth, Elizabeth (2013) By Loyalty Bound

   Barnes, Margaret-Campbell (1961) The King's Bed

   Belle, Pamela (1987) The Lodestar

   Bennetts, Pamela (1972) The Third Richard

   Bowen, Marjorie (1929) Dickon

   Carleton, Patrick (1937)  Under the Hog

   Clements, Toby (2015) Kingmaker: Winter Pilgrims

   Clements, Toby (2015) Kingmaker: Broken Faith

   Davidson, Margaret (1979) My Lords Richard

   Dymoke, Juliet (1980)  The Sun in Splendour

   Edwards, Rhoda (1976)  Some Touch of Pity

   Edwards, Rhoda (1978) Fortune's Wheel

   Evans, Jean  (1972) The White Rose of York

   Farrington, Robert (1971) The Killing of Richard III

   Farrington, Robert (1974) Tudor Agent

   Farrington, Robert (1978)  The Traitors Of Bosworth

   Green, Nigel (2014) The King's Dogge

   Green, Nigel (2015) The Last Rebel

   Gregory, Philippa (2009) The White Queen

   Gregory, Philippa (2010) The Red Queen

   Gregory, Philippa (2011)   The Lady of the Rivers

   Gregory, Philippa (2012) The Kingmaker's Daughter

   Honeyman, Brenda (1968) Richard By the Grace of God

   Iggulden, Conn (2013) Stormbird

   Iggulden, Conn (2015) Trinity

   Iggulden, Conn (2015) Bloodline

   Jarman, Rosemary Hawley (1971) We Speak No Treason

   Jarman, Rosemary Hawley (1973) The King's Grey Mare

   Jarman, Rosemary Hawley (1983) The Courts of Illusion

   Kilbourne, Janet (1972) Garland of the Realm

   Morgan, Terence (2011) The Master of Bruges

   Morgan, Terence (2012)  The Shadow Prince

   Nickell, Lesley J. (1978)  The White Queen

   O'Brien, Anne (2010) The Virgin Widow      

   Palmer, Marian (1968)  The White Boar

   Palmer, Marion (1972) The Wrong Plantagenet

   Penman, Sharon K. (1982) The Sunne in Splendour

   Peters, Elizabeth (1974) The Murders of Richard III

   Peters, Maureen (1965) Elizabeth the Beloved

   Plaidy, Jean (1970) (first published 1950) The Goldsmith's Wife

   Plaidy, Jean (1982) Red Rose of Anjou

   Plaidy, Jean (1982) The Sun in Splendour

   Plaidy, Jean (1990) The Reluctant Queen

   Potter, Jeremy (1970)  A Trail of Blood

   Riches, Tony (2014) Warwick: The Man Behind the Wars of the Roses

   Riches, Tony (2015) Owen

   Wensby-Scott, Carole (1983) The Lion of Alnwick

   Wensby-Scott, Carole (1983) Lion Dormant

   Wensby-Scott, Carole (1984)  Lion Invincible

   Easter Smith, Anne (2006) A Rose for the Crown

   Easter Smith, Anne (2008) Daughter of York

   Easter Smith, Anne (2009) The King's Grace

   Easter Smith, Anne (2011) Queen By Right

   Tannahill, Reay  (2002)  The Seventh Son

   Tey, Josephine (1951) The Daughter of Time

   Unwin, Richard (2013) On Summer Seas

   Unwin, Richard (2013) A Wilderness of Sea

   Unwin, Richard (2014) The Roaring Tide

   Unwin, Richard (2015) The Doom Assigned

   Wiat, Philippa (1989) The Kingmaker's Daughter

   Worth, Sandra (2003) The Rose of York: Love and War

   Worth, Sandra (2006) The Rose of York: Crown of Destiny

   Worth, Sandra (2007) The Rose of York: Fall From Grace

   Worth, Sandra (2008) The King's Daughter



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