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1452 2nd October             

Richard born at Fotheringhay Castle Northamptonshire. He was the 11th child of of Richard Duke of York and Cecily Neville

1453 December               

Henry VI's first bout of mental illness

1455 22nd May                

1st Battle of St Albans - start of the Wars of the Roses. Richard of York defeats the royal army

1460 10th July                 

 Battle of Northampton. Capture of Henry VI

1460  30th December       

Death of his father at the Battle of Wakefield. Richard and his brother George were sent to the Low Countries for safety

1461  29th March             

His elder brother, Edward, Earl of March, defeated a Lancastrian army at the Battle of Towton and deposed Henry VI. He acceded to the throne as Edward IV. There was a major shift in Richard's future prospects. He was created Duke of Gloucester and also became 2nd in line to the throne. His brother George became Duke of Clarence


Richard entered the household of his cousin, Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick. He became Commissioner of Array for the North


Richard  appointed  Admiral of England


 Marriage of Edward IV to Elizabeth Woodville


 Yorkshire rebellion against Edward IV led by Robin of Redesdale

1469 1st July                      

Marriage of George, Duke of Clarence to Isabel Neville, daughter of the Earl of Warwick  

1469 26th July                  

Battle of Edgecote 

1469 Aug-Sept                   

Edward IV became a prisoner of Warwick at Middleham Castle

1470 Feb-March                 

Rising in Lincolnshire

1470 12th March               

Battle of Empingham

1470 April                         

The Earl of Warwick and the Duke of Clarence flee to France  

1470 13th Sept                 

The Earl of Warwick lands in Devon

1470 29th Sept                 

Edward IV and Richard flee to the Low Countries

1470 4th November          

Birth of a son, Edward, to Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville

1471 11th April                  

Readeption of Henry VI

1471 14th March              

Edward IV lands at Ravenspur, Yorkshire

1471 14th April                

Battle of Barnet - the Earl of Warwick killed in the battle. Margaret of Anjou and her son, Edward of Lancaster land at Weymouth

1471 4th May                     

Battle of Tewkesbury - death of Edward of Lancaster

1471 21st May                  

Death of Henry VI in the Tower of London

1478 18th February

Execution of George, Duke of Clarence for treason

1483 9th April                  

Death of Edward IV - Richard Duke of Gloucester named as Lord Protector

1483 11th April                

Edward V proclaimed king

1483 13th June              

Execution of William, Lord Hastings

1483 25th June              

Coronation of Edward V cancelled

1483  26th June            

Richard Duke of Gloucester declared king

1483 6th July                  

Coronation of Richard III and Anne Neville

1483 Oct-Nov                   

The Duke of Buckingham's Rebellion

1484 9th April                 

Death of Edward of Middleham

1485 16th March            

Death of Anne Neville

1485 7th August             

Henry Tudor lands at Milford Haven

1485 11th August           

Richard III summons his forces

1485 22nd August         

Battle of Bosworth - death of Richard III





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