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News 2020/21 - Main points (no AGM was possible due to current restrictions, but points below agreed by current committee).

Due to current climate, our league have been chosen to 'trial season' at the centre with teams bowling on one lane only for the duration of their games. We are restricted to ten teams only but are grateful for this opportunity to bowl at a competitive level. Example - teams on lanes 1 & 2 will be against each other but team on lane 1 will play on lane 1 and team 2 will play on lane 2- no crossover of lanes. Facemasks / shields must be worn and strolling up and down the lanes to chat will be prohibited. The centre have spent a considerable amount of money on partitioning every lane to make bowling as safe as possible for us.

Please be aware also, that this is a trying and stressful time for the centre staff as the centre may not be up to full staffing levels. So please have patience if you need to see someone for lane breakdowns or pin reset etc. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES HAVE A GO AT ANY MEMBER OF STAFF. This will not be tolerated by the league or the centre in any circumstances. If you have a serious gripe, see myself or Steve and we will try to resolve the issue.


The league will remain a cash league and all monies will be awarded as points money for this season only with the exception of the usual expenses for secretary/treasurer and the Min Tulley trophy which will be awarded to the Most Improved Player. There will be no awards for High Game or Series in any catorgory.

As no AGM could be had,  the  league officers, Brian Johnson as secretary / treasurer and Steve Ferguson as president will continue unless anyone objects. John Brocklehurst, Vice- President has resigned due to work commitments preventing him from bowling. If anyone would be interested in this position, please let myself or Steve know and in the event of multiple interest then a democratic ballot will take place.

Hollywood fees are currently staying at £8.55 a set. Therefore, we will keep our fees to £12 for the coming season. Handicaps are to be held at 75% of average to 210. The League will be a contract league which means we have to pay for all players whether they bowl or not.  Subs will be liable for no more than £8.00, if the subbed bowler doesn't pay for the entire weekly fee, and the said bowler would then be liable for the remaining £4.00.

This 'trial season', we have 11 teams in the league, so there will be a bye each week. We will go three times round and will be a 33 week bowling season. This could be subject to change depending on future circumstances. The non bowling weeks for Christmas will be as per the schedule sheet. Also there will be no bowling during school half term or Easter to give the centre the chance to maximise their revenue during the holiday periods.

League averages will be held over for the first 3 weeks / 9 games for those who played sufficient games during the last season. New bowlers will be assessed from week one and adjusted each week thereafter. 

If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask myself or Steve.



8th Dec -- And we have resumed bowling and many thanks to the Centre for all the hard work that they have put in to make this possible. Also a big thanks to the bowlers for adhering to the restricting rules. 

The bowling itself went off better than expected and all teams were present except for a supposed new team, but they have now been replaced, so we up to full strength. Scores were pretty good after the long layoff with three bowlers getting 5 x 200 games between them and all hitting the big 6. These were - Steve Lockwood 278/210 (671), Jeff Campbell 234/211 (635) and Steve Ferguson 241 (600). Also a worthy mention to Natty Campbell for starting off the season with a personal best game/series of 158/412. Well bowled. 

WEEK 2       15th Dec

Second week passed with no problems apart from a lane breakdown that was promptly sorted by the centre. League average scores slightly improved from the first week by 2 pins, up from 153 to 155. So were going in the right direction after our long layoff. Although there were no six sets this week, there were 6 deuces (+ two games in the 190's), and the deuces were - William Campbell 233, Andie Burt 225, Blake Harvey 219, Steve Lockwood 204,  Steve Ferguson and Brian Johnson both with 201. Well bowled everyone.

The schedule now says we have two weeks off. But hold the front page.  The centre says that they are not expecting it to be busy and have said that if we want we can hold some kind of tournie next week (22nd), then we can. After due deliberation down the lanes this week a good number of bowlers are up for it. So in that respect, I have booked our 10 lanes and will be hosting a TRIPLEX tournie. Price £12 per bowler. There will also be a free raffle for bowlers - one ticket each and I have procured 5 prizes. Prize fund for the tournie will depend on the entries. 











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