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League News

News 2021/22 - Main points of the meeting held on 7th September, with the League due to start on the 14th. 

Members in attendance were agreed that the current committee should continue for our new season.

We welcomed new teams that have joined us from other leagues bringing our numbers up to 18 teams. We also extended a welcome to a new member of the centre staff (Donna), who has joined us from Crawley. 

We do have new consoles that, on the face of it, are much better and informative than the old ones. We need to learn how to use them properly, so any problems don't hesitate to ask a member of staff for help. Please be aware that this is still a trying and stressful time for the centre staff as the centre may not be up to full staffing levels. So please have patience if you need to see someone for lane breakdowns or pin reset etc. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES HAVE A GO AT ANY MEMBER OF STAFF. This will not be tolerated by the league or the centre in any circumstances. If you have a serious gripe, see myself, Steve or Andie and we will try to resolve the issue.


The league will remain a cash league and all monies will be awarded as points money for the season with the exception of the usual expenses for secretary/treasurer, charity, stationary and the Min Tulley trophy which will be awarded to the Most Improved Player. There will also be the usual cash awards for High Game and Series in both scratch and handicap catorgories (team,male,female).

Hollywood fees are currently at £8.55 a set but there is a possible likelyhood of an increase in October. Therefore, with this in mind it was agreed to increase our fees to £13 for the coming season. Handicaps are to be held at 75% of average to 210. The League will be a contract league which means we have to pay for all players whether they bowl or not.  Subs will be liable for no more than £9.00, if the subbed bowler doesn't pay for the entire weekly fee, and the said bowler would then be liable for the remaining £4.00.

Practice rates will remain at £7.50 per set and must be booked with the centre and your Discount Card shown

 There will be no bowling on the 21st or 28th December. Bank holidays will not affect our schedule.

At the end of the season, the committee hope to put on a special handicapped singles tournament for those that would be interested. It will be subsidised for League bowlers with registered sub allowed to participate at a slightly higher rate. More on this at a later date.

Due to us not bowling for such a long time and with the influx of new bowlers, it was agreed to calculate handicaps from week 1 and  will be held  for the first 3 weeks / 9 games,  then recalculated weekly as per normal.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask me to clarify.

We now also have a second website which is mobile friendly and also have our own Facebook page. All bowlers have been given the details of these, but if anyone has a problem getting in or sorting, then please see Andie Burt as your first port of call.


14th Sept -- And we have resumed bowling with a full quota of 18 teams. Many thanks to the Centre for all the hard work that they have put done and are still doing to make us welcome. Again, a welcome back to the bowlers old and new and we look forward to a great season.

The bowling itself went off ok though there were some teething problems, that have been promised will be sorted out for next week. Not too many high score due to the long layoff (and probably a few aches Wednesday morning), though a few exceptions were noted. Those exception were in the form of 9 x 200 games and a 600 series. First those deuces -- Jeff Campbell 232/222, Andie Burt 211/200, Alex Kimpton 202/200, Phil Dean 211, Sam Franco 202 and Steve Ferguson 201. And the big six belonged to Jeff Campbell 625. Well bowled everyone.

WEEK 2      21st September

Another week bowling on one lane only. This seems to be the way for the foreseeable future, but I honestly don't know why it should be like this, as the manager has yet to give a feasible explanation. However, the bowling itself was on a par with last week. Everybody still getting into the groove again. We had 7 x 200 games and a single 600 series, with the weekly game average holding at 152. Thoses deuces Jeff Campbell 229/225/221, Alex Kimpton 222, Nick Beechey 204, Chris White 201 and Steve Lockwood 201. The six belonged to Jeff with a nice 675. Well bowled.

WEEK 3      28th September

A week when it seems bowlers are getting back into the swing of things. The weekly average jumped by 6 pins this week to 158, with 8 x 200 games and 2 x 600 series. Firstly the deuces -- Jeff Campbell 239/214, Alex Kimpton 234, Steve Lockwood 220, Ben Harvey 219, Blake Harvey 217, Brian Johnson 214 and Chris White 200. The six sets were Jeff Campbell 649 and Alex Kimpton 616. Well Bowler everybody.

WEEK 4       5th October

Another week above the norm. But first mention must go to Andie Burt, who came so close to getting back to back maximums. Game 1, first nine, then only to be robbed by a split, first ball of tenth. Game 2, again first nine, then to be robbed by a ringing 10 pin. Unlucky Andie but well bowled. The weekly average again moved up by 2 pins to 160 with 9x200's, 2x600's and a 700. Though early days, Highlanders move to top spot and there were a couple of big movers - Another Nine, up seven from 13 to 6 and Alley Cats, up five from 10 to 5.  Those deuces - Andie Burt 276/266, Alex Kimpton 228/200, Jeff Campbell 209/209, Kirstie Western224, Blake Harvey 223 and Steve Lockwood 200. The six sets were from Alex Kimpton 612 and Jeff Campbell 601 and the 700 was of course Andie with a nice 708. Well bowled everybody.

WEEK 5      12th October

Bit of a strange week re the bowling, but we did welcome back being able to swap over lanes and thank the centre for making the decision to bring back normal bowling. I say strange week because for some reason the weekly scratch average dropped by 3 pins. Was this due to swapping over ??? Time will tell. Although there were no six series this week,(commiserations for the two 590's), there were 9 x 200 games bowled and these are - Paul Roberts 237, Brian Johnson 235, Trevor Mandeville 220, Andie Burt 218, Steve Ferguson 215, Daren Knightsbridge 213, Steve Lockwood 212, Alex Kimpton 206 and Paul Anderson 203. Well bowled.

WEEK 6       19th October

Another strange week with the weekly average dipping by 2 pins though the lanes did seem to be a bit drier than previously, so may have had a bearing on things. There were however, 7 x 200's and a 600 series. Thoise deuces - Andie Burt 257/248, Trevor Hammond 231/212, Jeff Campbell 222, Frank McInroy 220 and Rick Thomson 200. The six set went to Andie Burt with 655. Well bowled.

A backtrack by the centre means the half term that was cancelled in February is now back on in it's original place on the schedule. A memo explaining the details will be on the lanes on November 2nd. NOTE - there is still no bowling on the 26th October.

The next bowling night being the 2nd November means only 7 weeks to last bowling night before Christmas, therefore, the Christmas raffle books will start to put in an appearance. Let's make it bigger and better than usual.

WEEK 7          2nd November

A strange week back after half term break. Bit more oil on the higher lanes but it seems it went AWOL on the lower lanes. I haven't the answer and we have asked Phil to look into it with the chief technician. That said, the weekly average held steady but with only 4 x 200 games and 1 x 600. Commiserations for those who got stuck in the 190's. But those deuces - Alex Kimpton 241/223, Steve Lockwood 221 and Paul Anderson 213. Alex had the six set with 617. Interestingly, all those big scores came from the higher lanes. We shall be watching next weeks progress. Well bowled everyone. 

WEEK 8          9th November

Funny old week of some surprise results and some excellent bowling especially from young Kate Harmsworth who, we believe had a personal best series of 202/192/233 for 627. It wasn't her best game though,as I have records from the old Out Of Bounds that say she bowled a 234 there. Well bowled Kate. Along with Kate's scores, Blake Harvey bowled a 257 middle game in his 638  series. And Jeff Campbell and Brian Johnson also had deuces with 233 and 201 respectively. The weekly scratch average also went up by 3 pins to 157. Well bowled everyone.

The Christmas raffle is going well and looks like we're going to have a bumper amount of prizes. So far £180 worth of goodies, so keep buying the tickets off the Raffle Queen (Jan).

WEEK 9         16th November

What a difference a drop of oil makes. After the discussions with the centre the pattern was sorted and we had 24 ml of oil this week to 40 ft length. This proved to be an excellent result although some haven't quite clicked to it yet. We certainly had our best weeks' bowling of the season so far. Our weekly scratch average leapt by a massive 7 pins ( this itself is no mean feat) and eleven bowlers hit a total of 16 x 200 games, spread over all the lanes, not just one area. There were also 3 x 600 series. For the statistically minded, out of 36 bowlers who bowled 14 (40%) had their best game or series of the season. Right, those deuces -- Chris Kibble 232/226/205, Jeff Campbell 232/216, Alex Kimpton 218/200, Steve Ferguson 212/201, Bryan Harvey 214, Trevor Hammond 214, Neil Matthews 209, Blake Harvey 207, Roy Hopkins 204, Chris White 200 and Nick Beechey 200. The six sets - Chris Kibble 663, Jeff Campbell 640 and Alex Kimpton 610. Well bowled everyone.

The Christmas Raffle - With now £200 worth of prizes (34 so far) covered by the sale of tickets, we are looking to purchase some further prizes. So keep buying the tickets. Still 4 weeks to go to the big draw. Let's make this a bumper event. Thanks to all who have participated so far.

WEEK 10         23rd November

A week not quite on a par with last week, but nevertheless, still well up on previous standards, proving that the extra oil is working well. The weekly scratch average was still a very respectable 160, with 9 x 200 games and 2 x 600 series. There were 7 improvements on team stats and 20 personal stat improvements. Let's kick off with those deuces - Steve lockwood 245/205/201, Alex Kimpton 223/221, Jeff Campbell 200/200, Sean Symes 205 and Paul Anderson 202. And the six sets - Steve Lockwood 651 and Alex Kimpton 623. Well bowled everyone.

The raffle is going from strength to strength. We have now reached 65 prizes including 3 donations from bowlers this week. And still three weeks to go until draw night. This is going to be MEGA. Thanks to all who are participating and buying tickets.  

WEEK 11           30th November

A decent week despite the weekly scratch average dropping 2 pins to 158. There were 11 x 200 games and 2 x 600 series. Those deuces - Daren Knightsbridge 243/215, Alex Kimpton 233/214, Brian Johnson 218/207, Andie Burt 224, Bryan Harvey 218, Steve Lockwood 215, Jeff Campbell 202 and Ivan Allem 201. The six sets were from Daren with 650 and Alex 639. A quick blast of my own trumpet - bowling with a new ball purchased from Mick Rich (On The Ball), first set bowled and achieved 596. Would have been a six had I not left a damned Lilly (5-7-10 for the uninitiated) in the middle of the second game. But well bowled everyone.

Latest update on the Christmas raffle - prizes now total 75 and we've not finished yet. This next week, our ticket selling queen, Jan, will have a full list on the prizes to date. Plenty of booze, chocolates, biscuits and everything associated with Christmas. A lot of donations as well. After bowling last Tuesday, I did get a super donation from the General Manager / Landlady of the Grand Victorian Hotel in Worthing - 2 nights B&B at the hotel. Again, thanks to everyone who is buying tickets.


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