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The real names of Embassy Artists has been the source of much debate for 50 years.  In the early days, artists who were big band singers were the mainstay of the team.  They didn't mind their real names being used, in fact they positively insisted on it.

As the years progressed and Embassy Records were known as cheap cover versions, singers and musicians who were at the beginning of their careers, did not always want their names released.

Perhaps the person who had the most names and was involved in the most recordings was Ray Reardon!!  Not sure if he ever played snooker....Never heard of will when I tell you his Embassy names were Ray Pilgrim, Bobby Stevens and he was the leading member of The Typhoons, The Starlings, The Jaybirds and The Beatmen.  He sang the title song for the Carry On film, Carry on Screaming and appeared on radio and at the Royal Albert Hall.  

REDD WAYNE was singer Mike Redway.  When Mike had a minor hit with a release under the Oriole label, it was decided his Embassy name should change.  You can see a great deal of thought went into the aka.

LES CARLE was singer Ken Barrie who had a minor hit as Postman Pat.  He was happy with the aka until someone told him in French, Les Carle meant "The Charlie".  End of name.

BARRY KENDALL was Kenny Bardell. 

WALLY CARR was Teddy Johnson, the husband of Pearl Carr.

JOAN BAXTER also recorded with The Starlings.

LINDA JOYCE was Maureen Evans.

MATT BRYANT was disc jockey Brian Matthew.

SHORTY MITCHELL was Bandleader Geoff Love (although this has been disputed)

DON DUKE was Dick Jordan.

KAY BARRY was Barbara Kay

JUNE LOWE was June Marlow

TERRY BRANDON was Tony Crane




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