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Comment posted by: Paul Day
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I've recently been chatting with Bob Rogers, who was guitarist with The Ted Taylor Four back in the 60s. The group recorded for Oriole and were also employed on Embassy recordings. Ted Taylor's distinctive clavioline featured on various keyboard-orientated instrumentals, while Bob Rogers confirmed his alter-ego of axe hero Bud Ashton, or as he said, "One of them".
He told me other session players performing under that pseudonym included Judd Proctor, Eric Ford and Ernie Shears (the latter responsible for the into on 'Move It'). He emphatically confirmed that Bert Weedon was never employed in Ashton guise.
The same selection of six-stringers also appeared on the Steve Stannard recordings, explaining the very similar sounds and playing styles. It was a case of "what's in a name" back then, as even the two artist aliases were equally interchangeable on occasion, with Steve Stannard credited on the singles: Man Of Mystery, Rocking Goose, Riders In The Sky and Ja-Da, but with the same titles attributed to Bud Ashton on the LP 'Play Man Play'!
I hope this information is of assistance and interest. 


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Comment posted by: blreccds
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Hi Everyone,It is great to see so much information coming onto the Embassy site,keep up the good work.
Recently on Ebay the Embassy 45 WB 672 "Genie with the light brown lamp" Bud Ashton B/W "What have they done to rthe rain".The Jaybirds sold fof just over £25.00.
Recently I discovered Maureen Evans & Gordon Franks both went onto record fo CBS after they bought Oriole/Embassy out.If you know of any other Oriole/Embassy artistes who went onto record for CBS please let me know.
Maureens "Like I do" was issued the USA on London.10607 some of Mike Redways singles also got release over there.
Other foreign Maureen Evans singles worth looking out for are;"My liitle corner of the world" b/w "Mamma wouldn't like it" Broadway J00.012 (Germany).Released in a sleeve that states "Top hits from USA".
"Ein ganzes Jahr" b/w "So wie ich" Ariola 10 178.
"Ein Rose is mein Talisman" b/w "Frankie Boy" Ariola 10 482. both recorded in Germany.
Other Embassy artistes had their recordings released on many small labels;
Paul Rich."Heartaches by the number" b/w "Marina" on Corona 45-28.Greece.
Ray Pilgrim."Let's Dance" b/w  Kay Barry "Sherry".Melody 45-RRG 142.
Bud Ashton "Wheels" b/w Steve Stannard Group "(Ghost)Riders in the Sky".Roxy C 671.Germany.
The Typhoons "Hippy Hippy Shake"/Bobby Stevens."How do you do it"/ Les Carle and The Beatmen "I'm the one" plus  none Embassy artistes The Carefrees "We love the Beatles". A French CBS EP "We Love the Beatles".EP 5649.Strange thing is four Beatles EP's on the French Odeon label are adverised on the back.
Mike Redway along with Danny Street recorded their version of "Jesus Christ Superstar" EMI's "Music for Pleasure" Label. MFP 5280 1972 and re-issued some years later on MFP 50362.
Dick Jordan recorded for Piccadilly & Columbia after Oriole?Embassy labels,his Columbia single"Stop the Music" b/w "Dream Chaser" was even released in Japan by Toshiba Records on Odeon OR-2220 withn a very attractive psychedelic cover.
Recently I bought a 10" LP off Ebay "International Hits No.2" on Orlador 30045 B,contained all Embassy artistes including Joan Baxter,Mike Redway,Paul Rich The Typhoons,Jeannette Michel (WHO WAS SHE????) THe Jaybirds,Dave Charles and But Ashton.Released in Spain 1964.Is there a volume 1????.
South American albums of Embassy artistes turn up on Ebay quite often.
I know he was not a Embassy recording artiste but he was such a talented singer of the period who am I talking about ???? Ross McManus had a big hit in Germany during 1966,reaching No.15 in their charts with a Blue Beat song "Patsy Girl" backed by Joe Loss and The Blue Beats,a copy recently sold on Ebay for £12.00.Released in the UK on HMV POP 1279.Worth listening to is Ross's version of the 1964 Chubby Checker song "Loddy Lo" a big hit in Holland,Ross's version can be found on HMV POP 1231.Later in 1967 Ross recorded "If I were a rich man" from the Musaical "The Fiddler on the Roof" for Decca on F 12618,a superb version.Well done Ross.
Gerry Grant recorded for several small labels besides Embassy.Look out for his English version of a Spanish song "Prenez Garde" entiltled "Baby take Care" on HMV POP 1182 released in 1963 well after he had left Embassy.Gerry was one our top talents,just listen to him singing the hits of Roy Orbison.Where is he now????,last I heard from hi agent  he had retired to Ireland.
Well that's until the next time,keep on collecting Embassy.

Bob Lusty.

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Comment posted by: Paul Day
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I don't know if this subject has been covered before, but for anyone interested in Embassy pop instrumentals, there have been three relevant CDs released, these being:


2002    Bud Ashton - Swingin’ Guitars (26 tracks)

2009    Various Artists - Play Man Play (35 tracks)


2008    Bud Ashton - The Best Of ... (23 tracks)

The first two offer pretty comprehensive coverage, while the third now duplicates quite a few of their tracks. Quality is okay rather than offering any improvement, as the recordings are obviously taken straight from disc, so all the clicks sound suitably authentic!

On a broader note, I might again be stating the obvious, but some time back I picked up on Ebay a list of all Embassy recordings, compiled in 1991 by John Pelletier and issued as no.15 in a series printed under the Record Information Services title. It wasn't expensive and proved very handy for checking on what I might have missed. 

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Comment posted by: john
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Another artist who had their recordings released on the Oriole label and was transferred to CBS was Screaming Lord Sutch.  Sutch's tracks were cut by Joe Meek in his own flat/studio and  then sold to the label.  


Gordon Franks
I might have missed it, so apologies if I'm duplicating information already on this site, but Gordon Franks also recorded for Parlophone. I have a single with "Rag Trade Rag"/"Sid's Tune" (from "Citizen James" on R4910, issued 1962, a few months before The Beatles first hit, "Love Me Do".
Posted by Philip Shaw on 20 September 2012
embassy record
what kind of value does embassy record by the typhoons hard days night have
Posted by Frank on 14 January 2012
Embassy 45s
Fascinating site and I am grateful especially for the info about the various identities of Bud Ashton.

I have a collection of around 65 Embassy 45s, including 3 EPs. I am prepared to offer the collection to devotees of Embassy 45s.

Posted by Dennis Roberts on 03 February 2011
Very interested if they are the "cover" singles/albums and are in good condition
Posted by Steve Ellis on 29 November 2011
Spanish 10
Just discovered this fabulous Embassy Web! In response to the article by Bob Lusty, There is a No.1 Spanish 10" on Orlador (which I haven't got, but know it does exist), furthermore, there is a No.3 with reference 30075 and tracks by the Typhoons,Joan Baxter,Starlings,Ray Pilgrim,Gerry Glenn.
All the best
Posted by John James HUDSON on 03 April 2010
Embassy EP WEP 1122
Hi Brian

Re: EMBASSY EP – WEP 1122 (1965) - Latin-American Piano by Jules Ruben, his Piano and Percussion – THE LAST EP RELEASE???

I seem to have unearthed an Embassy EP that appears to be previously un-catalogued. Or are you going to shatter my dreams of finding a previously unknown little gem by saying you already have a copy??

If it’s true and it is previously unlisted, it seems pretty remarkable that with all the other collectors, dealers and information out there in the public domain in terms of discography’s and catalogues since 1965 that no one has come across this before – or at least seen it on Ebay as there must be more than one released! It definitely isn’t a demo or test pressing. As far as I was aware, the EP releases stopped at WEP 1121 (Paul Rich – Tribute to Eddie Cantor). This one us the next release in the series (WEP 1122) and shows a published date of 1965 on the label which would be correct.

I managed to buy it from an Ebay trader in Australia recently. I can only guess that it found its way out there by an emigrating family sometime in the past. I was a bit sceptical at the time that it wasn’t a genuine Embassy release as he only showed the front cover in the Ad, but now it has arrived I can confirm that it is definitely a genuine Embassy EP.
Ever seen it before? I have some photographs of the disc and sleeve for authentication. If you want to see them to post on your site, drop me an email and I’ll forward them to you.
I will email Paul Pelletier too and let him know so he can add it to the catalogue for posterity.

Regards, Andy
Posted by Andy Whitaker on 14 January 2010
I was also unaware of WEP 1122. The highest/most recent catalogue number I have is WEP 1119 "Tribute To Jim Reeves". After this, my E.P.s become "The Big Four", which were issued in "Big Four" sleeves, rather than picture sleeves and were CBS, rather than Oriole issues.

I am certainly interested in this new find and would love to know more about it.
Posted by Philip Shaw on 20 September 2012
Fantastic Website
Posted on 29 November 2009
Other Labels
Posted on 08 September 2009
bud ashton
Posted on 17 July 2009

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