21 August 2017
New Bus Timetable to Include Cold Ashby on Weekdays and Saturdays?


The Rambler is pleased to report that, to the best of his knowledge and belief, Centrebus Service 60, which at present avoids Cold Ashby completely on weekdays and allows only one return journey on Saturdays is scheduled, from 4th September 2017, to offer two morning buses to Northampton (at 07.54 and 09.53) and two evening buses returning from Northampton at 14.10 and 17.45. each weekday.

The Saturday service will offer the same morning buses as weekdays with return journeys available at 14.30 and 17.55.

After campaigning for so long villagers(including the writer!) can be excused an element of disbelief.

Prospective travellers would be well-advised to check before attempting their journey as bus companies (and the Rambler) have been known to make occasional mistakes!

**Click here for an account of the arrival, in 2014, of the first scheduled Saturday bus for three years.

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