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Cold Ashby Church Clock
I have a very ancient church clock at one time in the tower of Cold Ashby Church. Is any person interested?
I would give details of this movement which dates back to c1610.
It is now in working order and keeps good time.
Michael Lee Chapel House Elton Road Wansford PE8 6JD. 01780 782783. I study horology.
Posted by Michael Lee on 16 September 2020
Many thanks for your message, Michael.
As a result, I have found your website, the story of the Ashby clock and your excellent photos.
If I am reading 'Round and about Cold Ashby'(May 1995) correctly, the existing clock in the tower was presented by Thomas F Hazlehurst, Squire of Cold Ashby, in 1917. This was probably the 'new' clock you mention - whether this indicates that the Ashby clock was 'retired' at this time or earlier I don't yet know - perhaps you do!
Posted by Ashby Rambler on 18 September 2020
Old Cold Ashby Chapel.
Hello John/Janet & Ted,
Just a line to thank you for responding so
fully to my enquiries.
I will reply to your personal emails.
Dawn. 14.07.2020.6
Posted by Dawn Jennifer Grant-Innes on 14 July 2020
Old Cold Ashby
I write to enquire if anyone has a photo
(or photos!) of the Chapel or Wool Barn which
I understand stood on the site of my bungalow
(Trelights) - corner of Crabtree/Church Lanes?
Thank you. Dawn J Grant-Innes. 12.07.2020.
Posted by Dawn Jennifer Grant-Innes on 12 July 2020
Old Cold Ashby
Could someone please confirm to me the
location of the former Chapel?
Thank you!
Posted by Mrs Dawn Jennifer Grant-Innes on 09 July 2020
Many thanks for visiting my site, Dawn.
According to ‘Round and About Cold Ashby’ (published 1995) there was ‘a chapel in the village until about 1980. It was on the plot now occupied by the house called Trelights on the corner of Crabtree Lane and Church Lane’.
Posted by Ashby Rambler on 09 July 2020
Hello John,
Thank you for your reply.
My late husband and I moved into
the bungalow (which we named
Trelights) nearly 40 years ago.
Your info. tallies with 'restrictions' in
the deeds. I was puzzled as I have
seen photos only of cottages on the
site. Presumably they pre-date the
Posted by Dawn Jennifer Grant-Innes on 10 July 2020
John Bridges Northamptonshire
Good Evening,
I wonder if anyone has a copy of this book?
I live at Thornby Hall and I am carrying out some research on the Weltden’s and the Hall.
I was hoping with the limits of distancing to be able to find the references and perhaps take some images
Kind regards
Posted by David Lansley on 27 April 2020
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