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Updated February 2019

Please bear with us while we continue to create this page.

A group of members of Wollaton Historical & Conservation Society is undertaking a genealogy study of old Wollaton families. Starting initially with extensive analysis and comparison of census records, a list of surnames has been compiled and is split between each member of the team for further research.

In forthcoming issues of the Link Magazine, editorial space permitting, the “A B C of old Wollaton Families” will reveal some interesting stories.  On-line research, study of journals and archives often uncovers a mystery.

The Nottingham Journal on 24th December 1858, describes a monument “to be erected in the church yard at Wollaton in the ensuing week” in memory of the late Charles Chouler Esq who died on November 9th 1841 aged 98 years and was land agent for 66 years to four successive Lords Middleton. There is no evidence of the monument in Wollaton WHERE IS IT? Given the description below such a large meorial ought to be obvious! If you have any ideas, please e-mail Wollatonfamilies@yahoo.com  

Here is a transcript from the original journal:


We have this week been favoured with the inspection of a neat monumental memorial, just finished by Mr Lee of Retford and which is to be erected in the church yard at Wollaton during the ensuing week. It is executed out of a fine sample of Roche Abbey stone and stands about six feet high; its width is three feet three inches. The base is richly moulded and is intersected with two minor bases – one on each side; these receive octagonal shafts standing out in relief of the inscription slab and forming a sunk panel. Within the caps the shafts are neatly moulded; the bell portion being filled with carving of an early character, from which springs a moulded label covering the slab which is Gothic painted. The whole is surmounted with a foliated finial and is about to be erected in memory of the late Charles Chouler Esq. and other parts of his family. The following is a copy of the inscription: “In memory of Charles Chouler, for many years in the service of the Lords Middleton, who died at Wollaton, November 9th 1841 aged 98 years. Also, Ann his wife who died April 17th 1828 aged 73 years. Also the following sons and a daughter of the above, viz., Hannah wife of Henry Longden, Sen., of Wollaton who died February 5th 1822 aged 28 years. Benjamin Chouler of Althorpe Northamptonshire who died at Wollaton August 30th 1838 aged 31 years, and Timothy Chouler of Nottingham who died February 4th 1852 aged 54 years. In affectionate memory of the above, this stone was erected by Charles Chouler, son of the above Charles and Ann Chouler, late agent for 66 years to four successive Lords Middleton.”


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