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A General Catalogue of Work

Poems: A Catalogue V


The poems of John Vetterlein are published almost exclusively by Spring Ast LIX in issues mostly for private circulation. This fifth catalogue includes details of work published up to September 2007. A number of miscellaneous items printed from time to time have not been included in the present catalogue. For further details see: “John Vetterlein - A General Catalogue of Work”.

Cobbett's Field, Rückblick II and WAR were published by AuthorHouse in 2007 for general sale.

The catalogue comprises two parts—Cover pages and Contents for each book.


Cobbett’s field
In the Desert
The road to Lewes
Passingford Bridge
In Regent’s Park
Conspiracy of night
War (Parts I & II)
Sluing all ways—hove-to
The clock
Incomplete statements
Christmas—a collection of late poems
Tulips Grow Tall
Skies Opaqueing
Thirty Years of Rust
War II
Life—a celebration
Full Moon—The Cross-over
Late-cut—Going Out
North Window
Warring On (2018 November)

A sixth ctalogue is in course of preparation.

Richard Helmann
November 2018


British Library Integrated Catalogue (JV JCV)


Gone forever

Hold tight to things
as you know them now,
for soon they’ll all be gone.
the familiar dismembered
and consigned to the refuse heap
that is the past, that the
mobile society has no caring for,
gone, gone forever . . .

Dark Matter

The shadow has form
without substance,
yet without substance
the shadow would occupy no space,
as indeed it does not—
non est, nisi est.

Yet the shadow is real enough
for all that it is untouchable
(at least I sense as much).

What we perceive in life
is all we have to talk about—
conjecture is real enough
despite lacking substance.

All that is real is transient,
that is the lesson of time,
and without time
there would be no space
in which to argue the toss!

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