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1 Time is a most beautiful abstraction – “she” is ageless.


2 Time measurement (calibration): the recurrence of definable events.


3 Time is a unique abstraction - its invariance is non-verifiable.


4 Time admits of progression.


5 Simply because two or more working systems demonstrate synchrony is not sufficient either to define a meaningful expression for time, nor of time's invariance


6 Time is only useful to us provided we are able to accept its invariance in practice. Note: as a fundamental concept, by "definition" time has to be assumed invariant.


7 Mathematics is a powerful tool but one that needs to be treated with caution: it is adept at proving itself right but seldom admits to being wrong.

(Aphorisms: John (C) Vetterlein 2001)



What Universe? (The True Dimension?). (JCV)


Publication soft covers and hardback due late 2014.

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