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05 May 2011
Tony's Offer to Allotment Holders

Tony Hardy is offering to pick up FREE OF CHARGE in his trailer, one cubic metre of mushroom compost to divide between around ten allotment holders.

This is excellent stuff for mulching and working into the soil especially in this very dry weather. We have two names already for this very cheap way of obtaining the compost. I fyou are interested either blog or see Tony on Plot 65.

Tony's not having much luck, the board on top of the main gate fell down on his car, just as he was passing through it and damaged his windscreen. Then (you couldn't make it up) a day later a young deer jumped over the fence of an adjacent garden in Edward Road and collided with him gashing his leg! (picture below)

This has got to be a first ever over here on our allotments. The speculation is that they are being driven out of their home in the Rocky Lane Fields where the building of houses has started. This could be VERY serious for us if deer do manage to access our site as our crops are bound to be damaged.

This is not Tony auditioning for the "Follies Bergeres" but showing the gash that the deer made.

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