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Summer Show 2019



Summer Show, BBQ and Picnic

Saturday 10th August 2019

From Midday for Picnic

Adult Quiz arranged by Mick and Val

New range of prizes introduced last year can be won

even if you enter just one of the Categories below

(entry forms available on the veranda)


Schedule of Classes

Category 1 Vegetables                     Category 3 Flowers

Class 1   Top Tray                              Class 21 A Vase of Flowers grown on the plot

Class 2   Five Runner Beans                Class 22 Flowers Grown & Judged on the Plot

Class 3   Five French Beans                 Class 23 Display in a Tea Cup (flowers can be

Class 4   Three Beetroot                                             used from home & allotment)

Class 5   Three Courgettes                  Category 4 Photography        

Class 6   Three White Onions              More than one entry may be entered

Class 7   Three Red Onions                 Class 24 Wildlife Photo Taken on allotment

Class 8   Three Carrots                       Class 25 Best Allotment Photograph

Class 9   Three Leeks

Class 10 Three Potatoes                Category 5 Produce Only From the Allotment

Class 11 Three Parsnips                      More than one entry may  be entered

Class 12 A Cabbage                            Class 26  A Pot of Jam

Category 2 Big or Unusual               Class 27  A Pot of Chutney

Class 13 Largest Onion                        Category 6 Grown on the Plot

Class 14 Largest Squash                      Class 28 A Basket/Trug/Box of Fruit & Veg

Class 15 Largest Marrow               Class 29 A Basket/Trug/Box of a Selection of Fruit

Class 16 Longest Runner Bean                                        

Class 17 Largest Diameter Sunflower on plot                         

Class 18 Tallest Sunflower on plot               Category 7  Children

Class 19 Scarecrow (Adult) on plot              Class 30 Best Scarecrow on plot

Class 20 Unusual or Funniest Item               Class 31 Best Mini Garden in a seed tray

(More than one entry may be displayed                Class  32 Heaviest Marrow

for Class 20)                                                      Class  33 Tallest Sunflower on plot

                                                              Class  34 Largest Diameter Sunflower plot

                                                                         Class  35 Best Children’s Plot Area


Any questions regarding entry to the show please contact:   Ann


Competition Rules

Class :  Top Tray

The top tray is a collection of three types of vegetables taken from the following list. The quantity of each vegetable required is given in brackets.

Carrots (3) Cauliflower (2) Onions (3) Parsnips (3) Peas (6 Pods) Potatoes (3) Runner Beans (6 pods)

Tomatoes (6) French Beans (6 pods) Sweetcorn (2) Beetroot (3) Peppers (3) Cucumber (2) Courgettes (3) Aubergines (2)


Each type of vegetable will be judged out of a total of 20 points. This is split into 3 sections: 7 points for size shape and colour, 7 points for condition and 6 points for uniformity. The overall mark will be out of 60. The vegetables must be displayed on a board which is provided, no bigger than 45x60cm or 18x24 inchs, without bending any part of the vegetable. Parsley is allowed to garnish. No other accessories are allowed.


A basket, trug or box of fruit and vegetables grown on the allotment


A selection of produce should be displayed to the best affect in a basket, trug or box.  The number of each variety is not prescribed. The basket will be judged as a whole display. Parsley may be used as a garnish. All the fruit and vegetables should be at their best and prepared as per guidance below.


Note for exhibiters and Judges


The judges will award points for the following aspects of the produce displayed.


For all classes of vegetables and fruit, the exhibits must be presented so that the produce is displayed to the best effect. All fruit and vegetables should be clean and where possible free from visible signs of damage or disease. They should be picked at their best, not under or over ripe.

Competitors should aim to select vegetables which are uniform in size, shape and colour. Additional points may be gained for this.


Root Vegetables, should have their foliage trimmed evenly to 3 inches in length and the full length of the roots retained.


Beans, peas and tomatoes should be picked with the calyx (stalk) at the top of the pod/fruit leaving it in place.


Courgettes, cucumbers and beans should be as straight as possible.


Onions should be clean, firm, unblemished, the same size and colour and their tops may be tied or whipped using raffia and string.


Cabbages should retain 4 inches of their stalk and have green leaves without signs of slug damage


Plums should retain their stalk.


Competition Rules

1. Entry forms can be returned a week before the event to the veranda or on the day with the entries.

2. Judging will be undertaken by independent judges.

3. The Judges’ decision is final.

4. All entries must be grown by a VRSA allotment holder on their plot or at home if the category allows this.

5. Children’s classes are those aged 16 or under on the show date.

6. Children must be a child or grandchild of an allotment holder.

7. Entries must be in place by 10.45 on the show date.

8. Entries must be removed by 4pm on the show date. Entries left after this time become the property of VRSA and may be disposed of.

9. Boards will be supplied for the Top Tray class.

10. Material for classes 19, 21 (Vase), 23 (Cup and Saucer), 24 & 25, 26 & 27 (pots), 28 & 29 Trug, basket, box, 30, 31 (Tray) may be brought in from outside the allotment.

11. Prizes this year will be as listed below;

      Top Tray               £15

      First prize             £20

      Second Prize         £15

      Third Prize            £10

      There will be a raffle of all the remaining allotment holders who enter produce into the show and who haven’t already won a prize. This will be 4 x £10 prizes. So by entering just one item gives you a chance of winning.


How to enter

1.Complete and return the entry form (entry forms available on the veranda) by 10.45am Saturday 10th August 2019 with exhibits.  Late entries will not be accepted.

2. On the day of the show, take your entry form which is handed in, go to the Entry Table where you will be allocated a number for the day. You will be given a card for each item that you are entering, your number will be noted on this card. No names are noted near the produce until judging is completed, this is to make sure it is completely anonymous.

3. If you wish the cards to be prepared in advance please give Ann a list a day before the show (which will also save you time).

4. Judging will take place from 11 am.

5. You may view the entries once the show tent is open and the paper work has been completed.



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