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What a great website! Wendy and I used to be good friends and then we lost touch. I'd be very grateful if you could pass her my email address so that she can contact me if she would like to. Good luck with the allotments.
Posted by Noelle Treasure Vickers on 07 April 2012
I`ll ask Wendy please reply to my e-mail address so I can get your e-mail. Thanks
Posted by Mick on 07 April 2012
Well done!!
Hi Mick

Just wanted to say how great the site is coming along - it's full of interesting information!!
Posted by Tricia Colling on 16 April 2010
Thanks Tricia I`m hoping to get more participation from the allotment holders, hopefully it will come in time.
Posted by Mick on 17 April 2010
Hi Mick
nice to see the website looking good as well as the allotments. I hear it is going to warm up soon as well :o)
Posted by David Treadwell on 08 April 2010
Web Site
Your site and allotments are an inspiration to all.I like your site and hope shortly to start one for our own association. The community spirit on your site is what allotments are all about. Well done and best wishes to all.
Posted by Ian French on 28 March 2010
Thank you Ian good luck with your web site I`m still learning how to do it properly but it`s fun having a go. Cheers Mick.
Posted by Mick Botting on 29 March 2010
I lived in Haywards Heath in the 60s and knew a family of Bottings. They lived in a house called Mandalay just off Wood Ride. There was a daughter Glynis whom I used to go out with. It might have been a common name because I also worked for a brickwork contractor Les Botting. If anyone remembers me I would be grateful for an email.
Terry Fitzpatrick
Posted by Terry Fitzpatrick on 22 October 2010
Hi Terry as far as I know they are not related to me, although I have a niece called Glynis. We are the notorious Botting`s who lived near the Fox & Hounds H/H
Posted by Mick on 23 October 2010
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