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List of publishers

Below is a list of decal publishers (names and addresses as far as known) that I have found on the backs of the decals in my collection.
I am sure that there are many more, but hey, this is what I've got.....

Acme Decalcomania, 310 Spadina Ave.,Toronto, Canada
Acme Emblem Corp., 19 East 16th Street, New York 3 NY, USA
Advertising Displays Inc., 1310 S.W. First Avenue, Portland 1, OR, USA
American Art Post Card Co., 98 Brookline Avenue, Boston MA USA
Angelus Transfers, Anson W. Thompson Co., 712 Grand View Ave., Los Angeles, CA, USA
Arcraft Manufacturing Company, 11 Campau Ave NW, Grand Rapids 2, MI, USA
Art Deco-Cals, Italy
Artcolour Transfers, Canterbury, NSW, Australia (also in London UK)
Artistic Decalcomania, 3444 Rachel E., CH 1192-3, Montreal Canada
Art-Lac Decal Pub. Co., San Diego CA USA
Atwood Printing Co., Stockton, CA, USA
August Juettner, Saalfeld-Saale, Germany
Avon Trading Co. PO 1841, Christchurch New Zealand
Bauer & Co., Stuttgart, Germany
Baxter Lane Co. Box 175, Amarillo, TX 79105 USA
Beaver Decalcomania Co. Ltd., 360 Recollets, Montreal Canada
Bloom Bros. Co., 25N 2nd St., Minneapolis 1, MN, USA
Bohunger + Kempten Allg., Germany
Canada Decalomania Co. Ltd., 400 Midwest Road, Scarborough,Toronto / Montreal, Canada
Capitol Souvenir Company, 815 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W., Washington, DC, USA
Carnival Arts & Crafts, PO Box 5, Broadview, IL, USA
Character Manufacturing Co. Reno, NV, USA
Chicago Decal Coompany, Chicago 18 IL, USA
Color-Ad Display Company, Denver, CO, USA
Commerford Decal Co., Westwood NJ USA
Comtex-Decalco, 42 Rue de la Vanne, Montrouge, France
Coulaud, 132 Rue du Dauphine, Lyon, France
Craft Originators & Mfr's Ltd, North Vancouver B.C., Canada
Craftmaster Decalds Ins., Cleveland OH USA
Creal, 37 Avenue Marechal Foch 37, Nice, France
de Wit, Diegem, Belgium
Decalco Inc., Rt 1, Duluth 2, MN, USA
Decalcomarque, 5 Rue du 24 Fevrier, Villeursanne, France
Decalcos A. de Wit, Diegem, Belgium
Decalgraph, Wien XV, Austria
Delac Decalcomania, 1231 Bleury St.  Montreal, Canada
Del-D-Cal Mfg Co., 1217 W. Webster Ave., Chicago USA
Delta, Greece
Desert Souvenir Supply, Boulder City, NV, USA
DonMar Products Inc., Chicgao 13, IL, USA
Duro Decal Co. Inc., 1832 Juneway Terrace, Chicago 26, IL, USA
Duval News Company, 710 Forest Street, Jacksonville, FL, USA
Eagle Decal Inc., 2193-2241 Washington Ave. Bronx 57, New York, USA
Editions Elve, 19 Rue St. Jean, Saint Etienne, France
Editorial R.A.P.S.A., Av. Juarez 88-410, D.F. Mexico
Elephant, Germany ?
Elias Bros. Inc., 645 Wellington Montreal QU Canada
Emblem Manufacturing Co., 13915 South Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90061, USA, phone (213) 532-1800
Enco Inc, New York City, NY, USA
Ernest Vernon and Son, Blue Island Illinois USA
F.H. Leslie Ltd.,Niagara Falls, ON, Canada
Fairway Mfg. Co., St. Louis 2, MO, USA
Feller, 23 Rue Grenéta, Paris, France
Florida Decal Corporation, 631 S. W. 12th Ave., Miami 45, USA
Freeman Sales Service, Chicago, USA
Fumagalli, Italy
GeKa Produkter, Postfach 8004, Vasteras, Sweden
Gold Arrow, Hollywood 46 CA,USA
Golden Arrow Products, Los Angeles CA, USA
Goldfarb Novelty Co., 3835 Ninth Ave., New York City, NY, USA
Grafco Decalcomania Inc., 59 East Illinois St., Chicago 11, IL
Graficas Valencia, Valencia, Spain
Great Western Ent. Inc., RR2 box 421S, Spearfish, SD 57783, USA
Gulfstream Card & Distributing Co., USA
H.L. Moore, West Yarmouth, MA, USA
H.Seener, 6 Warwick St.,London W1, UK
Hans Weisnicht, Staudgasse 8, Wien, Austria (also Neubauguertel 20)
Hya Lac (Canada ?)
IMPKO, Box 73, Bogota, NJ, USA
IMPKO, Fair Lawn, NJ, USA
Impressal GmbH, Bielefeld, Germany
Imprint Art Products Inc, Hackensack, NJ, USA
Intermountain Tourist Supply Inc., 48 Richards St., Salt Lake, UT, USA
Irwin (Phil) Advertising, 5995 E. 30th St., Indianapolis, IN, USA
Jaco-Lac Decal Co., 234S. Wells St., Chicago, IL, USA
Jaeger (G.) Geneva, Switzerland
Jesco, France
Jothejla Transfers, Johs. Thejll, Gentoftegade 16,Copenhagen, Denmark
K.W. Pedersen Advertising, 115 Sydney Street, Saint John, NB, Canada
Kalkomania,Walbrzyskie Zaklady Graliczne,Walbrzych, ul. Parkowa 8, tel. 770-21-22, Poland
Kann Manufacting Co., Detroit 4,MI, USA
Kwik-Way Transfers, Canada
Lacquer Graph Process Co.l, Broadway at 32nd St., Los Angeles 7, CA, USA
Lindgren-Turner Co., 821 East Third, Spokane, WA 99202, USA
Lindgren-Turner Co., N. 409 Dyer Road, Spokane, WA 99202, USA
Lindgren-Turner Co., W. 902 Broadway, Spokane 11, WA, USA
Malfertheiner, Merano, Italy
Marcke Firket, 47 Av. Kufferath, Brussels II, Belgium (printed in Switzerland)
Master Silk Screen Studios, 619 S. 3rd St., Minneapolis 15, MN, USA
Mastercraft Decalcomania Co., Chicago, IL, USA
Mathon, 5 Rue du 24 Fevrier, Villeurbanne, France
Meyercord Calcomanias, Amores 1337, DF Mexico
Meyercord Cubana, made in Austria
Meyercord Italiana, Milano, Italy
Meyercord, USA
Miami Post Card Co., 19 N. W. 11th St., Miami, FL, USA
Model Accessories Company, 4026 Elston Avenue, Chicago 18 IL, USA
Mulin-Besson, 76 Rue Ney 69 Lyon, France
Multi Marking, Pfeffergasse 5, Wien 15, Austria
Murray Skoff Zenterprises, Los Angeles CA 90061, USA
Norsid Mfg. Co. Inc., Yonkers 1, N.Y., USA
Oppi,Giuseppe, Via Pellegrino Rossi 88, Milano, Italy
Ozark Gift House, Montgomery City, MO, USA
Palm Brothers Decalcomania Co., NYC,Cincinatti,Chicago,USA
Palm, Fechteler Co., Weehawken NJ, Chicago IL, USA
Plastolux, Germany
Presto Milano, Italy
Publi Decalco, 33, Rue 3 Personstraat, Gentbrugge, Belgium
Publitan, Brest, France
Quality Transfer Co., Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, New Zealand
Radiant Decalcomania Co., Chicago IL, USA
Radiant Transfer Co.Ltd., 43 Matai Street, Christchurch NZ
Reider Decal (RD), USA
Rex-O-Decal, PO Box 104 (1044) Commercial, Springfield MO, USA
Richter, Narou, Italy
Robert M. Arwine Co., 614 Seneca Street, Seattle 1, Washington, USA
Rubantex, 2 Rue de Poulaillerie, Lyon, France
Rudolf Köhler, Tübingen, Am Lustnauer Tor 1, Germany
Saint Louis Decalcomania Co., St.Louis, MO, USA
SAP, Milano, Italy
Sarcletti A., Malgolo (Trento), Italy (also located in Bolzano)
Schoenberg & Cerny, Hornbostelgasse 15-19, Vienna, Austria
Schwab & Richard, Paris, France
Scioto Sign Co. Kenton, OH, USA
Souvenir Manufacturing Co., Toronto Canada
Tec-Color-Craft Products,5032 Alhambra Ave.,Los Angeles 32, CA 9305, USA
Technodruck, Leipzig, Germany
Thor, Turistvaredpotet, Copenhagen, Denmark
Traver Corporation, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, USA
Tre L'er (Three L's), Denmark
Trüb & Aarau, Lugano, Italy
U.P.L., Haren, Belgium
United States Printing & Lithograph, Baltimore, USA
Vallazur, 43 Avenue Thiers, Nice, France
van Buuren Decalcomanies,  Osystraat 89, Antwerpen, Belgium
Vélodécor, Gfrance
Vitachrome, LA USA and Rosemead, CA 91770
Voyageur Diversified Industries Ltd., Niagara Stone Road, Virgil, ON, Canada
Voyageur Emblems Ltd.,box 996,Alliston, ON, Canada
Waldemar Voss, Luebeck, Germany
WDZ Abziehbilder Walter Duber, Birschstrasse 8542, Wiesendangen Zuerich, Switzerland
William Bacon & Co Ltd, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, New Zealand
William Noble, P.O. Box 502, Colorado Springs, Co, USA


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