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CUBA Morro Castle by Goldfarb
Hi all,

I love visting this site to see the unusual and rare decals. I have been collecting Goldfarb Novelty Decals for the past 60 years on and off. 4 that have escaped are, the North and South Dakota maps by Goldfarb, the Morro Castle by Goldfarb, and the Tucson Arizona decal that is round with a Native American on a horse. Can anyone help me with these? Thank you!
Posted by Michael J Goldfarb on 10 August 2019
Texas decal
I found an old Texas decal and used it in an old pick-up truck from Texas, that I take to car shows. I hope I didn't make a mistake by using something that is worth more than I realize. It is cool!
Posted by Dixson Clement on 19 October 2015
Hi there Dixson.
If the decal still worked and you're happy with the result then that is wonderful. I have a classic car myself and intend to stick some on that old Plymouth too. Decal prices tend to be from between 50 cents and 50 dollars, all depending on subjectmatter and rarity.
I hope you enjoy your truck WITH the decal !
Posted by Sjef on 19 October 2015
Nevada Decals
I'm a decal collector from Nevada.
I collect Nevada , Pensylvania( grew up in Pa )and New Jersey decals
I have many extras and am always happy to trade or sell !
Posted by Jeff on 17 October 2012
Hi Jeff,
thanks for looking in on the site. Unfortunately I have no spares to trade or sell.
But always eager to know what you may have to sell to me.... all my decals are on this site so in principle interested in all others that you may have.
Looking forward to hearing from you. Contact me at
All the best.

Posted by Sjef on 18 October 2012
Miss America Decals
Hello --I have a near complete set of Miss America decals but could use help finding the last 4 :
#424 -Connecticut
#445-New Hampshire and
#455-Rhode Island
If anyone has seen these please contact me-Thanks
Posted by Bill Stone on 02 September 2012
Hi Bill,
just got back from a holiday where I had only limited internet-access so could not post your entry any sooner.
Have also placed it under the heading "Collectors Need". Here's hoping for you !
Posted by Sjef van Eijk on 14 September 2012
i just ran across this and i have all 4 states but not sure if they arer the right ones you are looking for.let me know you are welcome to them
Posted by Jeannie Jensen on 04 September 2021
William E. Nobel
Dear Friend,
In 1980 I traveled from CA to KS to attend a youth conference. On route I came across 50's Decal that were produced by William E. Nobel, (21 in total). They are in their original wax paper envelopes and they are quite amusing. I've carried them around for 31 years. Do they have any value? Just curious. Thanks, Sotero Bernal
Posted by Sotero Bernal on 30 October 2011
Hi Sotero,

glad you looked in on my site. Decals are indeed a fun collectible and often amusing and interesting; a bit of social history. There is indeed a value in these things, depends on subject matter and condition. If you look on for instance eBay you see prices ranging from 99 cents to over a (crazy) hundred bucks, again depending on what is depicted and how much two or more people want it. If you do not want or need to sell them keep them as a memento of your trip but tell your family these are not things to be stuck somewhere by the kids, haha !
Do you have the possibility to send me some scans of them, would be interested in seeing them.
All the best,
Posted by Sjef on 31 October 2011
Wisconsin mementos
Posted on 23 August 2008
Posted on 22 October 2007
Posted on 16 June 2007
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