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Travel Decals.

Collectibles from a bygone era.

I remember these colorful souvenirs from my youth but never saved or collected them. The next time I came across them again, decades later, was in an antique mall in the U.S.A.

Since two or three of something means the beginning of a collection to me I started looking for them. Found a  mailorder supplier in New York state (see LINKS ) and further trips to the US also meant additions to the growing collection. The wellknown internet auction sites also proved to be a goldmine. This is also where I met a fellow collector who has added decals and words of wisdom about this subject. (Thanks Dick !)

In the course of things I also found decals from other countries, just as interesting.

And then there are the pin up decals. These beauties fill up a separate site : .

Always looking for further additions but not really prepared to pay crazy prices. If you have something to offer please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Enjoy !

For your information : a 126 page book showing my North American travel decals is available at :

 Plakplaatjes decalcomanies transfers calcomanias abziehbilder schiebebilder

plakplaatje decalcomanie transfer calcomania abziehbild schiebebild

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